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Damon LakeDamon Lake 

why have you not updated the antivirus database for over 3 days

why are you taking so long to update the database for the antivirus?
Best Answer chosen by Damon Lake
Damon LakeDamon Lake
When are you guys going to fix the problem?

All Answers

Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
We'd be glad to clarify this for you.
If you configure the update settings as automated, it will get downloaded/applied to your program whenever a new patch is available. However, there is no timeframe about the release of it and is known by our developers. To manually check for available updates, click the refresh icon next to Virus definitions in the bottom-right corner of your main AVG Antivirus user interface. For more information, refer this article. If we can be of more help, please let us know.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
here are some screenshots
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Thank you for the screenshot, Damon.
We have to analyze the logs and identify the root cause.
Hence, an email has been sent with steps on how to collect and send us the information.
If the email is not found in inbox do check in spam and junk folders.
Keep us apprised about the status.
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
I have the same situation. 3 Days without updates is excessive. Anyway i still be waiting but, is there a place when someone can check the version of the last update available to rule-out the posibility of an updating issue?
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Piotr, we release virus definitions updates on regular basis.
Most of the customers contacted us regarding the update and we started collecting necessary logs to analyze the root cause.
If you would you like to provide the logs to help us with the situation, please contact our technical team using this https://support.avg.com/support_tech_chat link.
If it is the free version, please create your own post on this community, so we can get the account details and send further steps via email.
Thank you.
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
Hi, i don't fully undestand. You release a new update in the last three days and i don't receive it o you don't release a new update? So, i am not receiving the new updates o there are no new updates for the last days?

I have a full Internet Security version.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Piotr, we would like to escalate this and check what is wrong in receiving the updates.
Hence, we are collecting logs from users and forwarding it to our senior team for analysis.
We aren't able to locate your subscription details from this post.
Hence, contact our technical chat team using this https://support.avg.com/support_tech_chat link to get further assistance.
Thank you.
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
The last update i received in both of my pc's was version 191012-6. Is there any newer update?
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Piotr, did you check the reply that I sent to you earlier?
Since you are a paid user, please contact our technical chat team to get further assistance on this matter.
Bruce GottliebBruce Gottlieb
Sorry for adding to the pandemonium, but my last update, too, was the aforementioned (Damon Lake) 10/12...10:04 AM.  I've attempted manually updating several times to no avail. I'm using the free AVG version on my OS7 laptop. Additionally, my Android (OS6?) cellphone also uses your AVG antivirus app, and refuses to update beyond the 10/9 installment.  Could you please explain what's going on? I've never experienced this problem before on either device.  Thank you. 
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Sitel)
Hi Bruce,

We are sorry to hear this.

We are aware of this issue and collecting logs so that it can be forwarded to concern team for analysis.

It would help us to identify why the daily updates aren't received.

Open AVG Antivirus/AVG Internet Security program interface.

Click on "Menu-->Settings-->General-->Update".

Perform the update manually and once it is done, take a screenshot of the window and share the image.

For screenshot, refer this https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?l=en&urlName=AVG-Create-screenshot⊃portType=home article.

Please contact us through a separate post in order to locate your account.
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
This maybe helps. When you go to the AVG Download center and download the manual update (https://install.avcdn.net/avinitro/aviupd.exe) the file downloaded has the digital signature of October 12, 12:03. The exact same date and hour of the last update provided last saturday. Not even in your web is a newer file to manually update (aviupd.exe). Maybe that give you a hint of the problem.
AvinashAvinash (Sitel) 
Piotr, we'd like to confirm that this is a bug in the user interface.
The virus definitions are being updated but for an unknown reason, the status on the user interface is not getting updated. We assure your device is protected against latest evolving threats and virus.
Our developers are working on a fix and it will be resolved at the earliest.
Appreciate your understanding and patience.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
When are you guys going to fix the problem?
This was selected as the best answer
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
Yesterday the date was updated to Oct 16 3:45 a.m (version 191015-6). But since then nothing more happens. Now is one day and a half outdated again.

The same in the offline updater.

I am thankfull for your efforts in correct this problem, and only trying to add relevant information.
AvinashAvinash (Sitel) 
Damon, the issue has been fixed already.
Please try to update AVG manually and let us know if the issue persists.
Open AVG, click Menu -> Settings -> Update. Then click 'Update' for Virus definitions and Program definitions too.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
Its out of dated again. the last update was a day and half ago.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
If you release dont release any new updates soon, I'm going to use other AV product that keeps their product more up-to-date.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
See your product is out of date again for over a day now
Damon LakeDamon Lake
User-added image
what can't you guys keep your product up to date for??
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I have been hitting the update button and its not updating.
AvinashAvinash (Sitel) 
We're sorry to hear that, Damon.
Please repair AVG and try to update it.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
AVinash, I did what you ask by repair AVG. And it still would not update. So now it looks like AVAST/AVG really does not whats me to use your product. I will be going to use other company's product.
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Sitel)
This isn't the experience we want you to have, Damon. 
If you re-consider, please get connected with our remote experts & they'll help you with the clean installation of AVG. 
You can follow the same remote connection steps that was provided to you through email in the ticket #09419023. To keep the conversation simple & fasten the process, we request you to reply to a single thread.
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I already did and no good. 
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I did it on all of my computers 
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Sitel)
We appreciate your efforts in working towards fixing the issue, Damon, 
Would you be so kind to ensure us the you've used AVG removal tools such as AVG Clear & Remover to remove the AVG files completely?
Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
I must comment that the solution is not reinstalling the software because even in your web there is no available file to update. The last offline update you have available is of two days ago and is the file that supouse to bring solution to this issue. There is no download problem if there is no new file to download.

But you don't answer this directly, dear Dinesh, why, if there are new updates, there aren't available in your offline option. The available file is the exact same that the one received automatically and are outdated for two days now. It looks like you are not uploading new update files (is there an unrevealed strike of the update team or something like that?)

I was happy knowing you are working on a solution but the answer that the problem is in our computers, when is obvious that is not, is irritating? I think that we simply need a deadline for a solution and everybody will be happy.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I just started to use a different AV product. Maybe one day i'll use AVG again but until then AVG suck.
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Sitel)
Hi Piotr,

We understand why you would feel this way. There was an issue with the update date being incorrectly displayed, which has been fixed. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.
In order to ensure this, we've suggested to perform a clean installation. Regarding the offline updates, there might be a delay in uploading the patches to that website. 
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Sitel)
We're sorry to know that, Damon. If you re-consider, please do connect with our remote technicians. They'll perform a clean installation of AVG & check. 
Damon LakeDamon Lake
A clean installation on both of my laptops and I still the same problems. so no way that i am going to use your product.
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Damon, we are currently aware of this issue and is being reviewed by our developers. The updates will be released at the earliest and we appreciate your patience.
Keith CardyKeith Cardy
I appreciate you are trying to sort out the problem, it would help if the Avg/Avast opertive's were singing from the same song sheet there are so many different answers given. It has been sorted out then it is not, no wonder some people are getting wound up. It is not working properly for me , it did update on the 16/10/2019 after four days from the previouse update 12/10/2019. The last update i received was the 16/10/2019, have tried the repair option and the manual update but the update window does not change.update window
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Keith, I regret for the inconvenience caused. Earlier, we suggested some basic troubleshooting steps to check if this resolves the issue. We found some customers were reported the same issue, so we escalated to our developers team for a fix. Our concern team is diligently is working on this and will get fixed in the upcoming updates. We appreciate your patience. 
Damon LakeDamon Lake
When are you guys going to fix the problem??
Damon LakeDamon Lake
User-added imageAgain over a day with not updates. WTF is wrong with you guys and this so called bug that your are fixing.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Damon, we have already fixed this problem.
Perform update manually as mentioned in this article and check the status.
If the issue persist, perform repair as mentioned in this article.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I have done everything that you have asked and nothing. SO i guess that AVAST/AVG are liars then. What a fucking joke of a company.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
balasubramanian, As I have said in that past and in E-mails I have done what you guys have done and NOTHING.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Damon, I apologize for the information provided earlier.
I have checked with my resources and confirm that the announced bug is not yet resolved.
Virus definitions updates are happening on daily basis, but the date is incorrect on the program interface.
Our team will soon fix this and we appreciate your patience in the interim.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
My patience with you and your company is running VERY VERY THIN. I'm Beginning to not to trust your company.
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Damon, we assure you that the virus definitions are being received by the program on daily basis.
The information regarding the date is actually incorrect.
We will release the fix as early as possible.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
Balasubramanian, you keep on sayinn that the program is getting the virus definitions on a daliy basis but where is the proof? you have not fixed the so called bug. When are you going to fix the PROBLEM?
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Sitel)
Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused, Damon. 
The concerned team is still working on it & will be fixed shortly. As of now we haven't received any estimated time around from them. Please check the update status at frequent intervals. Once the ongoing issue is fixed, then the update process will be on track. Hence, we request you to allow some more time. Thank you for your understanding in advance!
Wayne KingWayne King
>Virus definitions updates are happening on daily basis, but the date is
>incorrect on the program interface.

>Damon, we assure you that the virus definitions are being received by the
>program on daily basis. The information regarding the date is actually incorrect.

I respectfully suggest that this is false and misleading. When the UI says that
the database is 2+ days old then that is correct. The information in the
Settings->Update page of the UI *correctly* reflects what files are in the
product's subdirectory:

c:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\defs

(The About page may be late in reflecting what is in the Update page.)

For example, at the time of this posting (Oct 20) the main screen of the UI says
that the Virus Definitions were last updated 2 days ago. The Settings->Update
shows the last update on October 18, 2019 10:35 AM

A check of the defs subdirectory confirms that the latest database files (ignoring
streaming files) is from Oct 18:

Directory of C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\defs

10/19/2019  03:50 AM    <DIR>          .
10/19/2019  03:50 AM    <DIR>          ..
10/16/2019  03:09 PM    <DIR>          19101206
10/18/2019  07:32 PM    <DIR>          19101806
10/19/2019  03:03 AM    <DIR>          19101806_stream
10/19/2019  03:42 AM    <DIR>          19101900_stream
10/20/2019  09:42 PM    <DIR>          19101902_stream
10/18/2019  07:32 PM                70 aswdefs.ini

Directory of C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\defs\19101806

10/18/2019  07:32 PM    <DIR>          .
10/18/2019  07:32 PM    <DIR>          ..
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         7,860,424 algo64.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           406,048 ArPot.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           288,816 aswAR.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           428,280 aswArray.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         2,485,464 aswBoot64.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           678,864 aswCleanerDLL.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           600,800 aswCmnBS.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           514,504 aswCmnIS64.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           188,656 aswCmnOS.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,861,056 aswEngin.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           715,944 aswFiDb.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           689,584 aswJsFlt.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           562,552 aswJsFlt64.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           569,792 aswRawFS64.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           506,272 aswRep.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            20,744 aswScan.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         5,344,296 BCUEngine.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           431,033 certs.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            33,271 db_agdx.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            43,283 db_ap2.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            38,318 db_array.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM               254 db_as.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            83,374 db_bank.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            24,683 db_cmd.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM               130 db_cmd.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             9,014 db_cmd.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         2,014,996 db_dex.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            26,128 db_dex.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,115,043 db_dex.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         2,253,198 db_dsign.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            44,956 db_dyna.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             1,564 db_dyna.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            25,506 db_dyna.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            22,528 db_el.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           165,988 db_elf.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             6,254 db_elf.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           110,948 db_elf.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           103,827 db_elfa.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             2,334 db_elfa.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            52,499 db_elfa.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM        11,168,775 db_evope.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM               361 db_ext.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           404,412 db_java.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             7,322 db_java.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           286,050 db_java.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         4,668,474 db_js.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            70,394 db_js.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         3,158,871 db_js.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            23,364 db_mx4.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM                80 db_mx4.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             8,279 db_mx4.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            27,630 db_mx95.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM               253 db_mx95.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            10,931 db_mx95.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           121,672 db_o7.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             4,407 db_o7.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            73,269 db_o7.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            14,432 db_o7c.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             4,026 db_o7c.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         8,968,624 db_ob2.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            21,125 db_pay.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         5,354,722 db_pe.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           172,201 db_pe.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         4,255,021 db_pe.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM        44,405,440 db_pe3.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           989,650 db_pph.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            27,266 db_sl.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM                59 db_sl.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             9,644 db_sl.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            19,048 db_snh.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           705,107 db_str.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            42,085 db_str.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM           561,009 db_str.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            53,811 db_swf.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM               789 db_swf.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            21,952 db_swf.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,372,960 db_tx.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM        52,100,128 db_u.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            35,425 db_w6.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             1,245 db_w6.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            17,307 db_w6.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            57,440 db_w6c.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             6,165 db_w6c.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            21,202 db_wat.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM                47 db_wat.nmp
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             8,286 db_wat.sig
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         7,577,316 db_wh2.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             9,658 db_xtn.map
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             9,871 def.ini
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            40,384 engsup.exe
10/18/2019  07:32 PM                25 engsup.ini
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            21,296 exts.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            52,816 fwAux.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         9,950,819 gvma64.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,802,204 idp.dat
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             4,077 list_d.txt
10/18/2019  07:32 PM             5,946 list_i.txt
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,090,424 PushPin.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         1,010,816 Sf2.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM         2,491,680 swhealthex2.dll
10/18/2019  07:32 PM            72,416 uiext.dll
             101 File(s)    193,751,733 bytes

As streaming updates may be turned off by the user to conserve usage on metered
connections, regular updates of the main database files is vital. Historically
this typically happened at least two or three times a day. Over the past few
weeks it has only been updating once every few days.

It is NOT an illusion caused by an inaccurate UI display. It is REAL - the main
database files are frequently days old now.

Piotr LaSernaPiotr LaSerna
I have the exact same information. I stop participating in this post because of the obvious lies about updates being received regularly but noit registered. Now i only whant to know the cause. I have three alternatives:
1. The AV are about to dissapear and only are waiting for the right time to do it and leave the suscribers in the air, or;

2. The company was victim of a cyber attack and they are impossibilitated of uploading new updates and can't admit it because is a shame for a AV company; or

3. I mentioned earlie the possibility of a strike of the updating team.

In this point i prefer honesty over a quick solution, because i am a faithful AVG user from almost twelve years. And teh dissapointment is worst that the updates problem.
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Sitel)
Piotr, we regret for the inconvenience caused. We'd like to confirm that this is an issue with the user interface. This has been escalated to our senior team on high priority and the team is  working diligently towards it. We assure your device is protected against latest emerging threats and malware attacks.
We appreciate your extended patience. 
Wayne KingWayne King
Note that there has been an ongoing discussion about the same or similar issue
with the Avast product line in the Avast forums:

Virus definitions

Wayne KingWayne King
>We'd like to confirm that this is an issue with the user interface.

Why are you still repeating that falsehood? Did you not comprehend the evidence
I posted that shows that the issue is NOT related to the UI?

Damon LakeDamon Lake
User-added image

Why have you not FIX THE F-ING PROBLEM. You have a lot of people who have the same problem. Just look at the screenshot that I just posted. WHAT IS THE F-ING PROBLEM.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
User-added image
As you can see in this screenshot, the last virus database is from the 18th of OCT. I have just been getting streams updates. Its not a UI problem, its that you have not been updating your product for both AVG and AVAST.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
When are you going to release the newest update??
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (Sitel)
Daemon, we understand your concern.

We have escalated the case to our senior team.

They will investigate the issue further and get back to you as soon as possible.

Your patience is appreciated.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
First of all Santhosh, you just missed spelled my name. Its not Daemon, IT's Damon.
If you really understood my concern and all of the other people who use your product, you and your team would have fixed the problem by now. Please stop blowing smoke up people butts. Right now both AVG and AVAST products virus database is at 191018-6. By this time both AVAST and AVG products should be using 191021-x virus database.everyone here has been showing your team that is not a UI bug but you and your team has not been uploading the current virus database to your server. everyone is getting the stream updates but not the virus database. You and your fellow teammates keep on saying that your "SENIOR TEAM" IS WORKING ON IT. most of us are beginning to distrust you and your fellow co-workers. Please tell us why we should keep using your products if you are not willing to keep up the Virus Database? Why?? As of right now I have no patience with you nor your company. I just don't trust you or your company at this time.
Damon LakeDamon Lake
I hope that people stop using your product and move on to other AV product because AVG/AVAST does not seems to care to keep their products up-to-date with the most current virus protection. On October 15 2019 is when I first asked you about this issue and now its been over a week. WTF AVAST/AVG team?
Damon LakeDamon Lake
Santhosh, Please tell us why we should use your product and not a product from Bitdefender, Mcafee, Kaspersky, Eset or even Microsoft Defender? At least those companies keep their products up to date.
Vaclav KyselyVaclav Kysely

I call support with this problem a few months ago (without sensible answer) ... Same Today morning ...

(virus definitions say Older than two days) - version 191106-0. I Click Manual Update - new version 191106-2 (virus definitions say One Day old).

Very strange that there are currently no more frequent updates ...
Best will be on one place on web write last version AVG definitions (example : 191106-2) - veeery simple
Next https://static2.avg.com/10001187/web/o/pdfs/release-notes/ - is there info about new patch 19.7 ? (of course not)




Christopher HardyChristopher Hardy
This question implies that a large signature library is intrinsically good, which in practice turns out not to be the case. To answer the question directly, probably Kaspersky. But if the question is reframed as, “which AV has the broadest, most accurate coverage” then you derive a different answer. That is likely SEP, Symantec Endpoint Protection.
To understand why is a little esoteric, but fundamental to understanding security accurately.
Malware foo has a signature on its file name, foo.exe. a variant called fooToo.exe is released. Two antivirus vendors release signatures for this malware family, but take different approaches:
Av company Bar releases a signature for “foo*.Exe"
Av company Bear releases two signatures, one for foo.exe and one for fooToo.exe
Can one derive the quality of their signature databases based on size? No, a person cannot, because the size or number of signatures/behaviors/heuristics is an orthogonal problem to accuracy and coverage.
In the spirit of being helpful, check out vb100, or virusbulletin. They have been doing testing for two decades, and are a great resource for determining the quality of detection for individual products. But when it comes to quality security products, the old axiom stays true, “you get what you pay for”. 

Vaclav KyselyVaclav Kysely
I write about AVG Business paying version.
But answer on this topics is simple - this forum is on official AVG web, anybody care about problem ? Yeah this is ANSWER !
Shawn EnglemanShawn Engleman (Avast)
Hello. Thank you very much for your time and patience. My name is Shawn, and I am writing to you on behalf of AVG’s senior support team.

I apologize for the expressed frustration and inconvenience shared on this forum regarding virus definition updates.

AVG is aware of this issue, and our development team is actively working to resolve this matter ASAP. In the interim, users are fully protected via our streaming update service.

Your time and being understanding of this situation is appreciated. Thanks, Shawn
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