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vince sodinivince sodini 

AVG internet security, Firewall is blocking all my local connections


the last few major AVG updates have been a pain, the new fetures in the firewall or lack there of is garbage and horrable, 

it blocks all my local traffic between systems, im haveing issues keeping shared drives active, 

it wants to keep blocking my NAS drive and server shared folders/maped folders 

its blocking my printer now as well, 

its also still blocking a few of our systems that use CNC equipment, and keeps altering the connection or just blocking it , 

i only have about 20 systems on this network 


this is utter bullshit, 


ive gone through all the settings on all the systems,  what i get to work for the mapped drives is , 

i turn off the firewall,  make the mapped folders, then i go to exceptions on the main Paige, then i exclude the newly created shares,    then i turn the firewall back on , and they stay, even after restart, 

but my printer and other CNC connections do not, 

also i get blocked just dialing my server , 


ive sold AVG products retail for almost 5 years,  i am verry verry familiar with the products, 

i would just turn the stupid fucker off, but now it makes everythign red and the employees get nervous and click fix it becasue they cant leave well enough alone or better yet when the program update goes through it bumps the settigns and halters production

, and my shit screws up between 20 god dam systems every day, 

my employeer has already told me to look for other software, im looking in to avast now, becasue it is now AVG's parent company,    

is this why the new versions suck ? are they just running it into the ground? 

what was wrond withthe old setup for the firewall, and why can i not just turn that feture off all togeather without seeing red flags and getting email notifications? 


this is a bullshit ass closed loop   and im starting to feel AVG can no longer meet our needs, i cant even tally the number of nam hours this has caused me recently since the update, 

and AVG is startign to become a diminishing return for us, and is no longer "cost effective" if its halting production,   when things use to just work, and the settings use to be there that now are not apparent at all, and what does resembel it ,  doesnt work apparently 


now im done with the rant, 


what can i do in the new firewall, to allow my printer to stay connected, and my other network attached devices, ? 

if this cant be done reasonably , considering there was no other main changes other that, simple driver updates, ie printer,    if not then im shit canning AVG all together, and requesting a refund on my multi licence subscription , 

there is no need for this kind of software behavior, unless you want to loose customers  


Best Answer chosen by vince sodini
Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are currently experiencing.
I suggest you to change the firewall network profile from "Public" to "Private" and check if that fixes the issue. To change this settings, please open the AVG Internet Security and click on Menu>Settings>Components>Firewall>Customize>Network profile.

Also, please Enable all the System Rules under Menu>Settings>Components>Firewall>Customize>Policies.

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Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are currently experiencing.
I suggest you to change the firewall network profile from "Public" to "Private" and check if that fixes the issue. To change this settings, please open the AVG Internet Security and click on Menu>Settings>Components>Firewall>Customize>Network profile.

Also, please Enable all the System Rules under Menu>Settings>Components>Firewall>Customize>Policies.
This was selected as the best answer
vince sodinivince sodini

and ive done this, and deselected the "automatic profileswitching"

then the program updates comes in and seems to change ot to default? 

im sorry for the frustration in my origonal post, none the less, frustrating lol 

pc1 - cnc application, 

the system has 2 nic cards , one for ethernet, the other set up as a direct connection to the CNC mill, 

pc1 forgets these settigns, and the firewall also blocks the "job name server" application we use to send G-code to the mill, and it works if i turn off the firewall, casueing the end user alarm becasue of the red flags and warning messages,  i have them both set to private,  this pc also has shared mapped folders with the synology NAS we have,  the firewall blocks the synology assistant from seeing the server to connect, it will let me dial in the browser, but the end user needs a GUI for this for there admin responcabilitys.....

also now there is a new V3 HP print driver i need to install, that also does the same thing, it wont allow the printer to populate on the list, i can dial it directly,  but after install, it says the printer is offline and doesnt allow me to use it  *(yes, even if its set to use printer offline)

but it lets me do any of these fetures when the firewall is disabled

pc2 and goes for the ther systems here, minus the CNC the rest of the systems experence this , 


i was able to get some thigns to work by disableing the firewall, mapping the connections, and then adding them as an exclusion, and turning it on aegain, but this doesnt work for the server conectivity, nor does it work for the printer issue, 

i really dont want to just uninstall the firewall alltogeather, but i do have a sophos firewall befoe my switches, so im at a quandry as to if i actually need the avg firewall, i would like it as pice of mind that infections couldent spread as easy locally in my intranet lol 

so ive tryed to exclude where the program files are located for the synology assistant, and for the hp installer, i cant see a way to allow these connections tho,

they simply just dont see there devices, unless the firewall is off, and we need/ want this option, 

its not really a user workaround thing ,   i want to make these things work correctly and make schesual a backup of each system after,   these settings haev been anightmare and have halted the deployment of our synology nas, and other tasks putting me way behind schesual with other tasks here, 

and its like i get things to work for a few days or whatever the intreval is, and then the settings default aegain, or a update comes in weather its wondows updates or the avg program updates, it ends up changing this,  it just doesnt work and then i have to deselect soemthign reselct it and it works aegain, 

like the profile switching thing for the cnc connection ,  and often times the firewall gets turned back on automatticly after a restart or something to that effect, and i have to troubleshoot it aegain, 


its quite frustrating, and aegain i appologize for my level of frustration in the first email,   i thank you for your responce reguardless lol,     

is there any advanced way to block and or exclude connections and applications inthe avg firewall as to just leave these tasks alone with a vito ?  lol thank you 







vince sodinivince sodini

awsome awsome awsome, i beleve i found it , thank you for your advice, 

the second half , in the firewall customize policys, system rules 

i enabled the  IGMP and multicast traffic, DNS and DHCP *( win file and printer shareing was on )

anywasy this seemd to resolve my conictivity issues directly,  i was able to print a test page and i was able to qurry the server, 

i havent tryed the CNC mill system but i will shortly, i feel its in the same group of things, 

its just funny all these things worked before the updae for the most part lol 

its a boggle as to why it was off by default im sure alot of home and moble users wouldent need it , but there should be a wizzard or something a little more prelavant ,  i cant be the only one 

im hoeing this post helps people, lol   thank you for your help akash 


vince sodinivince sodini

also to add, when i turn off the firewall i do select "stop perminantly"

some timge for test i do the 1hr, and turn it back on, 

also to add i got the print installer to see the printer now, and install, 

but then no test page, untill i turn off the firewall then i can print a test page lol ?? 

vince sodinivince sodini

 i would like to add, system srestore is not triggering at reboot, and the AVG programs are installed correctly, i forgot to mention, when the big program update came out with the new look and fetures on the current AVG gui, i had to uninstall the old ones, use the AVG removal tool, and do a fresh install , 

so there all current and fresh installations relitavly, i know theres been updates to it since,

 , and all the systems are win 10, all with a cat6 sheilded ethernet connection, on a gigibit network lol 


KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Foundever) 
We are happy to hear that your issue is resolved. I appreciate your time and co-operation.
vince sodinivince sodini

it is not fixed and is still haveing the same issues, 

every time a component is changed it changes the second connection *(to our cnc equipment) to public instean of private, 

automatticly,   settings arent being retained or something, 


is there any way i can 100% exclude this secondary connection from AVG firewall altogeather ? 

Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Vince,

I am sorry to know that the problem occurred again.
May I know how are the changes made to the component and specify which component you are referring here?
Giles RoadnightGiles Roadnight
...and because they change the UI every 5 minutes for no apparent reason the answers on this page no longer help. I have just reinstalled my machine and I (as an experienced software engineer) can't access my network share on my scanner as AVG has changed everything AGAIN.
It's hard enough to even find the firewall settings as alll the stupid "shields" are given names like web shiled and email shield.
Will definitely be looking elsewhere when my subscription is up. I have recommended AVG to many of my friends and family as it used to be simple, small and fast. Now way too bloated and complicated.

...and I still can't access the network share.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Giles.
I am sorry to hear about the inconvenience.
Are you trying to enable file and printer sharing in AVG firewall settings?
If yes, please click this link for instructions to navigate through AVG settings.
Me to!  I spend my time deactivating all these shields which block my streaming channels.  I absolutely LOATHE AVG and can't wait to find a simple Virus Software.  AVG gets worse after every update and is responsible for every computer problem in our home!!!
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (Avast)
Hello Tracky,
We're sorry to know that you feel this way.
We request you to create a separate AVG community post by clicking the link below and post your questions in your own post, so we will check with your AVG account and help you with additional support.
Thank you for your understanding.
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