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Canceling your AVG subscription

This article contains instructions to cancel an AVG subscription via your AVG Account. The instructions in this article only apply if you purchased your subscription via the AVG Store, or via an AVG application on your PC or Mac. To cancel an AVG subscription purchased via Google Play or the App Store, refer to the alternative instructions in the following article:

Canceling an AVG subscription does not refund the subscription. For information about AVG's refund policy and instructions to request a refund, refer to the following article:

Cancel your subscription

  1. Sign in to your AVG Account using the link below:
If you do not yet have an AVG Account, you can create one using the email address you provided during purchase.
  1. Select the Subscriptions tile.
  2. Click Unsubscribe under the subscription you want to cancel.
  3. Select Unsubscribe from future renewals and let my subscription expire on XX/XX/XX, and click Confirm.
  4. Click Got It.
  5. When the change is processing, the option to Unsubscribe is no longer visible under the relevant subscription, and the subscription status is Unsubscribing in progress.
  6. To verify that your subscription is canceled, ensure the Expiring status is visible. Expired subscriptions appear in your AVG Account for 1 year after expiration.

Your subscription is now canceled. You will be able to use your AVG product until the end of the current subscription cycle.

You need to manage payment preferences individually for each of your AVG subscriptions.
  • All AVG consumer products
  • All supported operating systems

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