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AVG AntiTrack on Windows - Getting Started

AVG AntiTrack is a privacy application designed to keep your identity safe from the latest online tracking techniques. Refer to the sections below for information on how to get started using AVG AntiTrack.

Install and activate AVG AntiTrack

AVG AntiTrack is a standalone product that works to keep your identity safe online. This article assumes that AVG AntiTrack is already installed on your PC. To install AVG AntiTrack, refer to the following article:

To activate AVG AntiTrack, refer to the following article:

Enable browser extensions

AVG AntiTrack automatically checks for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers on your PC when you open the application for the first time. You will be prompted to install the AVG AntiTrack extension for each browser you have installed. If you skip this step, or need to install the extension later, refer to the following article:

Improve your privacy score

AVG AntiTrack includes several components that work together to protect your online privacy. Your privacy score is highest when all the components are enabled. To improve your privacy score:

  1. Click Learn More in the My Privacy Score section of the main AVG AntiTrack dashboard.
    User-added image
  2. AVG AntiTrack identifies components which can be enabled or modified to boost your privacy score. Click an information box to modify or enable the relevant component. The 4 information boxes each contain a colored rating:User-added image
    • Ratings shown in red: serious issues that are preventing AVG AntiTrack from protecting your online privacy.
    • Ratings shown in orange: suggestions to further improve your online privacy.
    • Ratings shown in green: components that are enabled or configured effectively to protect your online privacy.
  3. Click Privacy Status in the left-side panel to see your improved privacy score.User-added image

Monitor tracking attempts

AVG AntiTrack allows you to see exactly when tracking attempts are blocked and which websites are attempting to track you.

From the main AVG AntiTrack dashboard, you can view the following:

  • Tracking Attempts Blocked
    • The total number of tracking attempts blocked since installing the application (divided into All time, This month, and Today).
    • The Tracking Source, Tracking Script, and the time and date of recent tracking attempts.User-added image
  • Top Tracking Websites: The websites that have attempted to track you most frequently.
    User-added image

To see your full Tracking History, click View all in the bottom-right corner of the main AVG AntiTrack dashboard.User-added image

Monitor Fingerprint Changes

AVG AntiTrack continuously changes your digital fingerprint on a randomized schedule to protect your online identity. To view the log of changes to your digital fingerprint:

  1. Click Reports in the left-side panel.User-added image
  2. Ensure the Tracking History tab is selected. You can view the time and date of the most recent changes to your digital fingerprint in the Fingerprint Changes section.
    User-added image

Clear cookies

Cookies are files that websites, trackers, and third party websites leave on your browser, which allow them to view your online activity. To protect your online privacy and configure AVG AntiTrack to regularly clear cookies from your browsers:

  1. Click My Tracks in the left-side panel.User-added image
  2. Use the drop-down menu next to your chosen browser to select how regularly cookies are cleared.User-added image

Cookies are now regularly cleared from the selected browser automatically.

To prevent cookie clearing on certain websites:

  1. Click My Tracks in the left-side panel.User-added image
  2. Click Open Whitelist under Cookie Whitelist.User-added image
  3. Tick one or more "popular" options in the drop-down menu... User-added image
    ...or click the textbox, type a URL (for example, www.example.com), and click Add.User-added image

The selected websites are now excluded from cookie clearing and appear on your Whitelist.

Clear browsing data

Browsing data is information that is often stored in your browser when you visit websites. AVG AntiTrack allows you to specify exactly which types of browsing data you wish to clear:

  1. Click My Tracks in the left-side panel.User-added image
  2. Click Clear Data next to your chosen browser. Alternatively, click Choose What To Clear in the Global tracks purge box to clear browsing data from all installed browsers simultaneously.User-added image
  3. Tick the types of browsing data you would like to clear (or tick Select all).User-added image
  4. Optionally, tick Save my settings to ensure that AVG AntiTrack remembers your preferred selections for all browsers each time you click Clear Data.User-added image
  5. Click Clear Selected Data.User-added image

Manage your AVG AntiTrack settings

Click Settings in the left-side panel of the user interface to manage your AVG AntiTrack settings:

  1. Use the drop-down menus to modify the following settings:
    • Notify me of blocked tracking attempts: define how often you want to see notifications about blocked tracking attempts. Select Never to disable notifications.
    • Select language: click your preferred language, and click Yes to confirm.
  2. Tick or untick the following settings:
    • Start AVG AntiTrack when I start my computer (enabled by default): allows AVG AntiTrack to start automatically each time you turn on your PC.
    • Minimize AVG AntiTrack when started: minimizes the AVG AntiTrack interface at launch.
    • Enable Tracking Detection (enabled by default): allows AntiTrack to write entries in the Tracking Activity record. If you disable this setting, your browser remains protected, but AVG AntiTrack does not gather data during tracking attempts.
    • Show notifications for fingerprint changes: displays a notification each time your digital fingerprint is changed.
  3. From the settings screen, you can also view:
    • Subscription Status: view your Activation code and when your current subscription expires.
    • Updates: view your current program version and confirm that it is up to date. If you think your program version may not be up to date, click Check For Updates to download and run the latest version of AVG AntiTrack.User-added image
  • AVG AntiTrack 1.x
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home / Pro / Enterprise / Education - 32 / 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Pro / Enterprise - 32 / 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 8 / Pro / Enterprise - 32 / 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Home Basic / Home Premium / Professional / Enterprise / Ultimate - Service Pack 1, 32 / 64-bit
  • Microsoft Windows Vista Home Basic / Home Premium / Business / Enterprise / Ultimate - Service Pack 2, 32 / 64-bit

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