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Contacting AVG Support

How can I report a problem or suspected bug?

Contact AVG Support using our Technical Support Form. We recommend including the following details:

  • A detailed description of the problem and the sequence of actions leading up to the issue.
  • Any error messages displayed.
  • Any differences on your device following the issue.

How can I get help with a sales or billing issue?

Contact AVG Sales Support using the details on our Sales Support Form. You can either call us using the telephone number provided, or click Chat with us online to launch an online chat session with one of our agents.

How can I request a refund?

Request a refund using our Refund Request Form. For detailed instructions, and for information about AVG's refund policy, refer to the following article:

How can I report an issue with an AVG mobile app?

The option to contact AVG Support directly via an AVG mobile app is only available in the paid versions of AVG mobile apps.

To report an issue with an AVG mobile app, we recommend contacting AVG Support using the contact form that is included in all paid AVG mobile products. This is because queries sent directly from the app contain device logs and other additional details, which allow our support agents to resolve your issue more quickly and effectively. For more information, refer to the following article:

Can I contact AVG Support if I don't use a paid AVG product?

No. It is only possible to contact AVG Support if you have a paid AVG subscription, or if you are using a free-trial version of an AVG product.

The following resources are available to all AVG users, even if you do not have a paid AVG subscription:

Knowledge Base

Visit the AVG Support pages and use the search field to find articles relating to a specific issue, or browse the most popular articles for your operating system:

AVG Community

The AVG Community is monitored by AVG Support, and provides an easy way to ask your question and discuss AVG products with other users. Before posting, you need to sign in using your AVG Account.

  • All AVG consumer products
  • All supported operating systems

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