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Alan BatungbacalAlan Batungbacal 

log in to AVG tuneup

Hi I bought a new computer because my HD crashed.  I am trying to load the AVG products that I have purchased.  AVG PC Tuneup at this time.  I D/L'd the software from the website and it's currently in trial mode. How can I enter my license number?
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hi again, Alan.

We will help you with it. AVG TuneUp - Unlimited will get activated using your email address and password. Refer the following article: http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=Activate-AVG-PC-TuneUp to activate AVG Tuneup Unlimited.
Robert KingRobert King
My avg tune up  will not allow me to open it.
Robert KingRobert King
my avg tune up mis not working
Bharath RogerBharath Roger (AVG)
Hi Robert,

We will certainly look into this and help you.
Please contact us from your own post to assist further.
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