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Veej UKVeej UK 

AVG causes firefox not to start. Cannot end process in task manager

the new version of Firefox 68 has a conflict with AVG and will start. if i uninstall AVG Firefox works fine.

please read: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1264440?page=1

can you help?
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello Veej,

We are sorry to know that and would like to get more information on this matter.
Are you using the AVG Antivirus free or paid version of AVG Internet Security?
If it is the free version, open the program interface and click on "Menu-->About".
Take a screenshot of that window and share it here. You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Thank you.
Veej UKVeej UK
sceen shot of about avg free
Veej UKVeej UK
lots of other users are having the same problem please read 

please read all 2 pages thanks 
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Thank you for sharing the screenshot.
To further narrow down the issue, I'd request to disable individual components in AVG and verify the issue. Refer to instructions in this article https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=Disable-AVG-Antivirus to disable individual components.
Veej UKVeej UK
Hi I did this and still Friefox hangs...once agian all the information is on the firefox support forum

Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Thank you for updating the status.
Yes, we could see the information the forum link that you have provided.
We request you to disable AVG protection completely as mentioned in this article and see whether the issue with Firefox gets resolved.
Keep us posted.
Veej UKVeej UK
The only thing that works is when I totally uninstall AVG free from my machine. The older version of firefox works fine. Thanks 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Thank you for the information, Veej.
Could you confirm whether the issue is happening with the both old and latest version of Firefox browser?
Veej UKVeej UK
Only with the new Firefox 68, thanks. 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Thank you for the clarification.
In this case, we have to analyze the logs and identify the root cause of this issue.
Hence, an email instruction has been sent which will help you to send us the AVG logs.
Once we receive it, will escalate and proceed with the investigation.
Veej UKVeej UK
Thanks, I have completed this and sent you a reply email too. 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Veej, we have received the logs and forwarded it to senior team for analysis.
Keep checking your email to know about its status.
Your patience is much appreciated.
Veej UKVeej UK
thanks, hopefully you can see whats going on...
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Yes, we will be able to identify the root cause after analyzing the logs.
This would take time and we appreciate your patience in the interim.
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