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John FarrowJohn Farrow 

AVG Internet Security - Anti-Spam feature

Today, I've been told by AVG Technical Support the AVG Anti-Spam feature/icon has been removed from the ribbon of the latest version of MS 2016 Outlook.  Simple question, why?  I've been told it all now happens in the background automatically... really?  Has AVG/MS machine learning become so sophisticated it no longer needs my input as to who I want to mark as SPAM?      
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (Avast) 
Hello John,

We always work to make AVG program as user friendly.
The latest version of AVG Internet Security has "Anti-Spam" feature in it, but the Outlook AVG add-in is no longer available.
The reason is, the current version's "Email Protection" will protect all the email client whereas the old version it was only for Outlook.
Hence, add-in was exclusively available for Outlook.
This is the reason for removing the add-in as email protection will provide the advanced protection for your email clients.
To stop spam emails, it is necessary to install AVG Anti-spam which will be available in "Menu--Settings-->Components" of AVG Internet Security.
If  you still see the add-in Outlook, then it is necessary to reinstall AVG program to get it removed.
For uninstallation, refer this article. Run AVG remover tool followed by Clear tool as mentioned here.
To install AVG Internet Security, refer this article.
Feel free to contact us if you need further help.
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