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Ross PadillaRoss Padilla 

HTML:Paypal-B [Phish] please help with this

Hi, I'm trying to pay for something on line and keep getting this when trying to pay with pay pal. This has never happened and I have no idea what the deal is here. Please let me know what IO can do. I've cleared browsing history and add ons and cookies and keep getting it. 
Vishnu VardanVishnu Vardan (Avast)
Hi Ross,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We are already aware of this issue, our senior team has analyzed the issue and have declared it as a false positive.

We request you to add the PayPal URL to AVG's exception list as a temporary solution, and this issue will be sorted out in the next update.

Please follow the below steps to add the PayPal URL to AVG's exception list:

AVG Antivirus > Menu > Settings > General > Exceptions

You can later remove it from AVG's exception. Please make sure that you have enabled automatic update for your AVG Antivirus/Internet Security program (AVG Antivirus > Menu > Settings > Update).

We appreciate your patience in this matter.

Vishnu Vardan
Ross PadillaRoss Padilla
Thanks a lot! 
Dave KinsellaDave Kinsella
This literally just happened to me too, Googled it and saw someone had left this question 22 minutes ago.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Sitel) 
Yes, Dave. This was reported as a false positive and will get resolved in the next AVG update.

Follow the steps from this post to add the URL to AVG exception list.

We appreciate your time and co-operation.
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