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Becca DBecca D 

Can't Uninstall AVG from Windows 10

I am unable to uninstall the free version of AVG from my laptop (running Windows 10).  I have tried using control panel, the programs and features option, and even the AVG removal tool and nothing will get rid of it.

Does anyone know how I can get this programming out of my computer?


-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Hello Becca,

We appreciate your efforts. Let's try with AVG Clear tool ( https://www.avg.com/en-us/avg-remover ) to remove it completely. AVG remover will uninstall old version & PC Tuneup only.

1.Open tool
2.User Account control - click "Yes"
3.Windows safe mode - click "No" (we cannot recommend use the tool in safe mode, because there is a problem with compatibility)
4.Choose installed version (AVG Free, AVG Internet Security)
5.Click "Uninstall"
6.Click "Restart Now".

Run AVG Remover http://download.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_Remover.exe and remove all other supported products and remnants of AVG (ZEN, Framework).
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
After restart, go to Run window (press windows key and R key simultaneously) and type the following comments to delete the folders manually.

1. Type  “Temp” and press enter, remove all the files.
2.  “%temp%” and remove all the files.
3.  %appdata% - Remove all the AVG folders.
4.  %programdata% - Open the AVG folder and remove the old files.
5. Type C: and press enter, delete AVG remover folder.

Please go to c: drive-> program files and delete the AVG files.
Becca DBecca D
Hello Ranjani,

I actually tried this as well and the download doesn't do anything; after double clicking to install the program I end up with a small AVG Antivirus Clear box on my desktop with a green progress bar that goes back and forth and does nothing.  I've tried this several times, the longest being 2 hours, and nothing happens.

This all seems really ridiculous.  What is written into the coding to prevent users from removing AVG from their systems?  


Becca DBecca D
User-added image
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Hello Becca, 

We realise the situation. 
Please restart your PC in safe mode as mentioned here (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-reboot-your-computer-into-Safe-Mode) and connect to the internet manually.

Run AVG clear tool as mentioned earlier. If you are able to complete it, run AVG Remover tool in normal mode and remove the traces of AVG in all folders. 

Proceed with the installation of AVG Antivirus free by referring this link (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=Download-and-install-AVG-AntiVirus-Free). 

Keep us posted here. 
Becca DBecca D
It doesn't work in safe mode either...

Seriously, how do I get this out of my computer?
-980888528-980888528 (Avast)
Sorry to hear that the issue persists. We have sent you an email to get connected with our technical team. Please follow that email to resolve this issue completely. 
Amir JoseAmir Jose
Did you have to make your program such damn invasive and out of professioanl protocole for the users? 
Even the task manager can't end the task, and you can't even remove it from computer. 

What are you a decent legitimate business or a threat and risk to cliends? 
Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Hi Amir,

We are sorry to hear this.

You have replied to an older post which belongs to the year 2018.

We will help you to sort out the issue.

Please contact us through individual post to assist you further.

Thank you.
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