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Roosevelt GilmoreRoosevelt Gilmore 

Unauthorized Charge

I received a charge for $49.99 from AVG that I did not authorize. I would like to turn off auto renewal and a refund back to my account. Thank You
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Roosvelt.
We appreciate you contacting us about this payment. This order was placed because you agreed to automatic extension of your subscription when you signed up for AVG TuneUp - Unlimited. We can assure you that we have not processed any unauthorized payments from your card or account.

We sent an email notification 30 days prior to the order being placed to let you know in advance that this payment was due. This also contained information on how to cancel your Subscription.

We would like to inform you that the refund of your order has been started.

Once we finish our internal refund procedure, the transaction will be processed by the payment operator. You will receive additional confirmation in a separate e-mail from avg.cs@digitalriver.com.

If you have not received the separate email, please check your junk or spam mail filters. Please take a note that the exact time the refunded amount will reach your account depends on payment operators, therefore we can no longer influence this process.

Generally, it should not take more than 7 business days.
Roselyn LutjenRoselyn Lutjen
This is really a load of CRAP!  I, too signed up for a 60 day free trial.  I cancelled the subscription two weeks before the end of the trial, but they charged my account anyway for a year subscription!  When I emailed and chatted with customer service, they sent me the same form letter!  They say they did not process any unauthorized payments from my card, but they did!  Also, they charged me before the actual expire date of the free trial!  I caution everyone to be wary of the FREE trial, because you could be charged erronously as I was!  Now they take their time to refund this UNAUTHORIZED charge!
Priyanga SekarPriyanga Sekar (Sitel)
Hi Roselyn, 

We'd be glad to clarify this for you.

When you sign up an AVG trial subscription, the subscription will continue until you cancel it.  

You will be billed 3 days before the expiry date, so that you will have a continuous protection without any interruption in service or security. The renewal notification email contains information on "How to cancel your subscription" before being charged by AVG.

Please visit https://support.avg.com/RefundForm and fill in the refund form and submit it. Upon successful submission, our refund team will process your request and get back to you via email with in 3 business days. 

Your patience is highly appreciated.

Charles WestCharles West
Avout two months ago, I was notified I would be charges $11.99 for AVG on my Discover Card.  You told me how to cancell the order, and I did.  However, on my bill this moth I was charged.  Can you help me?  Thank you:  Charlie West
Bharath RogerBharath Roger (AVG)
Hi Charles,

We will certainly look into this and help you.
Please contact us from your own post to assist further.
Ron NewportRon Newport
I have received a charge as well. I just sent in the online form asking for a refund, but I dont have all the items you were looking for like Account number, as I dont have one. So I am presuming my file will just get dumped. I have the proof of the charge from my Visa card, but how do I get this to you?? Ron
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Hi Ron,

We acknowledge your request for refund.
Please post your own query so we get enough details to locate your account in our database and proceed with your request.
If needed we will also ask more details to help you with the refund.
Thanks in advance for understanding.
Ron NewportRon Newport
And to talk to you I have had to set up this chat form. After this is dealt with i would like all my details deleted. Ron
Rakshith RajkumarRakshith Rajkumar (AVG)
Once we help you with the refund, we will also assist you to delete your AVG account from our records, Ron
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