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Jonathon RodeJonathon Rode 

minecraft Server

Hi I'm trying to setup a minecraft server on my local PC, and the documentation says that port 25565 need to be open, for TCP/UDP connections.

At the moment my server can only been seen if I turn AVG Enhanced Firewall Off.

How should I go about allowing minecraft to use port 25565?


Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Hi Jonathan,

We will help you to sort out the issue.

If you have installed the Minecraft program, please open the AVG Internet security

Go to "Application rules" and you will find the Minecraft application.

Then click on allow access and the port will be automatically changed.

Keep us posted.
Jonathon RodeJonathon Rode

I've been reading the "Block traffic logs" and it says C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Oracle\Java\javapath_target_79222859\java.exe TCP IN local port 25565 is being blocked.

traffic block

This must be the minecraft server.

I've gone to internet security -> Hacker Attacks -> Firewall options -> application rules -> (then found oracle corp) -> new application rule button -> selected the java.exe (path above) -> then Packet Rules.

I've created this rule thinking is should allow all traffic for TCP/UDP (regardless of port).  But it is still being blocked.

packet rules
Any thoughts?

Jonathon RodeJonathon Rode

Doesn't look like the images came out.

It showed allow TCP/UPD, IN/OUT, blank address and port

Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Sitel)
I appreciate your efforts, Jonathon.

To check this further, I have sent an email to get connected to our remote experts.

Please check your inbox and spam folders for the email and follow the instructions to start the remote session.
Jonathon RodeJonathon Rode

The remote expert made these changes in settings and it worked.

enable Internet Connection Sharing Mode, and change network to Private

Enhanced firewall

(note: I had also played around with minecraft packet rules, and oracle packet rules, but don't think it is required.  I just allowed port 25565 for TCP/UDP in local)

Thank you for you help everyone at AVG.

Santhosh PannerselvamSanthosh Pannerselvam (AVG)
Jonathon, we appreciate your efforts.

We are glad that our remote team has resolved the issue.

Let us know, if you need further help.
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