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Charles TarnayCharles Tarnay 

AVG Tuneup free trial

I got the Free Trial of AVG Tuneup for Windows PC.  I got the email telling me how to activate it. 
It says:  

1 Open your AVG product and go to the AVG dashboard

2 Open the "Connect" menu and click on "Connect"

3 Log in with your password and email (email address removed)

I opened my AVG product and there is no AVG ZEN in the upper left corner and there is no "Connect" to click on..  I tried to put a screen shot here of my AVG product which is AVG Internet Security, but for some reason it would not paste.

How do I get to s screen that has the "Connect" to click on?

Sarath PriyanSarath Priyan (Sitel)
Hi Charles,

Thank you for reaching us via community forum and we'll help you further.

We request not to share us your personal details on public post for privacy reasons.

On checking the steps, it is for the old version of AVG TuneUp. For the new version, I have sent an email with the instructions to install and activate.

Please write back to it if you need any help.
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