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Jessica Dela RosaJessica Dela Rosa 


What is the Mimic protocol? How does it work? How does it compare to OpenVPN? 
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (Foundever)

Hi Jessica,

The Mimic Protocol is a a new protocol that employs military grade security and can connect to the internet up to 4x faster.
It simply mimics/duplicates the connection to all websites you are visiting during your browsing session, providing fake information about who you are and where you’re coming from, making it impossible for anyone to identify you, track you or monitor you. In more technical terms, it mimics the VPN traffic making it very hard for all types of tech to identify that it is traffic coming through a VPN.
Regarding your third query, we've forwarded it to our higher level of support.
Once we receive an update from them, we'll write back to you via this post.
Meanwhile, your patience is very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

Jessica Dela RosaJessica Dela Rosa
Military-grade security like AES-256? If it prevents other parties from detecting VPN traffic, then it's a form of obfuscation VPN tech. Right? 
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Jessica.
It's not a form of obfuscation VPN tech, it is a normal VPN service, but uses a unique traffic processing method. Mimic was created to improve the connection issues, when Open VPN fails to connect, then Mimic takes over and tries again through different ports. Also, It uses the same encryption - AES-256.
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