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Damon CasaleDamon Casale 

idp.alexa.53 false positive?

Hi.  I'm attempting to run an npm build command in my Git Windows Bash shell, to compile and host a React app on port 8082.  This used to work just fine, but this morning, I keep getting alerts from AVG that powershell.exe is behaving suspiciously.  It's flagging it with idp.alexa.53 "command line detection."

Help?  I need this for my work, and not being able to run my build command is seriously impacting me.  I have no idea if this is an actual issue (with the virus/malware being whatever is using powershell) or not.  How do I tell?
Hari ShankarHari Shankar (Avast)
Hello Damon,

Thank you for reaching our AVG Community Support.

We will certainly look and help you with this.

I recommend you to submit the false positive request using the below link. Our developers will check and get back to you soon.

If you confirm that the file is safe, you can add it to the exception list in AVG Internet Security/ AVG AntiVirus FREE after uploading the file.

Please click this article for step by step instruction to add exception in AVG Internet Security/ AVG AntiVirus FREE.

Thank you.
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