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mike woodsmike woods 

An unexpected error occurred (CC4-006-00000000)

Hi there Team

I scan a document with my Brother MFC and all I get at the end is the following message in a pop-up window. 

An unexpected error occurred. please restart ControlCenter4, the try again.

I do that and it still does not work. If I turn AVG off, it works! Not ideal.

Brother recommend creating an exception or unblocking the Brother ControlCenter application in your security software and that I should contact my security software vendor for assistance.

Any ideas Team???

Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
Hi Mike,

We're glad to look into this & help you.
Please share us the screenshot of the message that you receive while attempting to scan. 
Meanwhile, please disable AVG components individually as mentioned in this article to identify the component that is causing the issue & let us know.
Bill JeffreyBill Jeffrey

I have the same problem as Mike ... I cannot work the link to "this article"

Bill Jeffrey
Nisha SivakumarNisha Sivakumar (Avast)
Hello Bil,

We're here to help.
Please try to open the link from a different browser and check.
If the issue persists, please follow the below instructions,

Disable all AVG protection:
1, Right-click the AVG icon in the notification area of your Windows taskbar, then in the menu that appears, click the green slider next to Protection is ON.
2, Click OK, stop to confirm that you want to disable all AVG protection.

Disable individual AVG components and check for the issue status.
1, Open AVG Antivirus/AVG Internet Security and click the relevant tile according to the component you need to disable:
>Click the Computer tile to disable File Shield, Behavior Shield, or Ransomware Protection.
>Click the Web & Email tile to disable Web Shield or Email Shield.
>Click the Hacker Attacks tile to disable Enhanced Firewall, Password Protection, or Remote Access Shield.
>Click the Privacy tile to disable Webcam Protection or Sensitive Data Shield.
>Click the Payments tile to disable Fake Website Shield.

2, Click the green (ON) slider for the relevant component.
3, Select after how long the component will automatically re-enable.
4, Click OK, stop to confirm the action.

Thank you. 
Mark TaylorMark Taylor
Just suffered from this problem for the first time.
Found this thresad and agreed that disabling AVG works but as mentioned above, not ideal.
When will the issue be fixed please?
Veeramani SivakumarVeeramani Sivakumar (Avast)
Hello Mark, 

We will help you to resolve it. disabling the AVG program is not the solution for this scanning issue. 

We need to check which component in AVG program blocking the access of scanner. Kindly check and let us know the exact AVG component which blocking it.

So, we will help you to resolve it accordingly. Keep us updated. 
Mauro ChiocciMauro Chiocci
it gives me the same error after the update, I checked and the problem is the ransomware protection, when it is disabled the save works, if it is enabled the error message appears. Please fix
Veeramani SivakumarVeeramani Sivakumar (Avast)
Hello Mauro, 

Could you please confirm whether you are unable to save any document or unable to scan the document using scanner?

Please share us the screenshot (https://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=AVG-Create-screenshot)of the error message which you get when Ransomware protection is ON. 

Also, Open AVG Internet Security - Menu - Settings - Allowed/blocked apps. 

Please take screenshot of blocked app page and share it with us.

You can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on Answer & then click on the Image [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions. Thanks in advance.
Chao JitChao Jit
I got same problem as all, But when I change file type from pdf to jpeg, it works fine!!!!!
Subhashri DuraiveluSubhashri Duraivelu (Avast)
Hi Chao,
Thank you for your response.
If you need any help with AVG, please contact us with a separate community post so that we will check with your AVG account and help you with additional support.
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