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Jan LJan L 

rootkit C:\avast! sandbox\...

Today I ran a deepscan and found a rootkit in C:\avast! sandbox\...
The problem is that AVG can not remove it. See the screenshots below. I can not see the C:\avast! sandbox\ folder when I go to the C:\ drive. Even when I have show hidden folders enabled. I also do not have avast installed, is this folder from AVG?
AVG app window

I have updated AVG virus definition (version 201103-6, Nov 3 2020) and I am using the latest application version (20.8.3147, Oct 7 2020). I have rebooted my computer, did a deepscan again, try to remove it again but no luck. I get the same notification.

I have also installed the newest version of Malwarebytes 4.2.2 and ran a manual scan (not the one quick scan), but Malware bytes does not find the problem. 

After encountering this problem and doing a reboot. I noticed the following:
- the Microsoft edge browser does not work anymore. I can type in the URL but hitting enter gives no response. Chrome however works as expected.
- Next to the mouse pointer there is a loading wheel that is flickering (disappears for about 0.1 seconds every half a second).

Could you help me remove this thread?
Help is much apricated!
Midhun AloorMidhun Aloor (Foundever)
Hello Jan,

We'll look into this & help you.
Please let us know if you had any Avast products installed on your computer in the near past.
Navigate to the below path & check if you can locate any leftover traces of Avast:
C:\Program files or Program files x86\Avast.
Keep us updated.
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