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Carol MaherCarol Maher 

Malware warning received

Hi, yesterday whilst doing a search on internet, I received a female voice warning not to do any banking, shopping, etc until I phoned a toll-free number 1-800-098-830, to debug malware error 895.  This warning was repeated over and over and I found it difficult to close the website down.  I didn't phone this number as I suspected it could be a scam.  I did a full computer scan and 19 cookies were deleted but nothing else.  Has anyone else experienced this or do I need technical assitance? I have AVG full paid protection and don't have any other virus detections installed.
KishoreKishore (Avast) 
Hello Carol,
You will receive some advertisement popups if some adware programs have installed on your computer unknowingly while you try to install any other programs.
You can remove this easily, first go to control panel and click on Programs and Features and in the list of programs search for any tool bar or search bar or any weird programs installed in your computer. If you see some suspicious program please uninstall it.
If you don't see any of such programs then please open your browser and you need to delete the unwanted plugin, extension, toolbar or search bar that is installed in your browser. After removing such things you wont be getting any popups when you browse the internet.
We always recommend you to install only trusted programs and do custom installation to view if any unwanted software is being installed.
Please feel free to contact us should you need any further assistance.
Thank you.
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