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Consuelo BurdetteConsuelo Burdette 

How can I stop the annoying popups for other AVG software?

Best Answer chosen by Petr Jezek (Avast)
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Consuelo, It would appear that this is not possible. Have a look @ this link (http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=241555#post_241555) from the now old 'read only' forum.

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Alan BinchAlan Binch
Consuelo, It would appear that this is not possible. Have a look @ this link (http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=241555#post_241555) from the now old 'read only' forum.
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Philip RothPhilip Roth
These avg ads come to my mobile device almost daily and I am very tired of seeing them. I will choose what products I buy, but I will avoid those that irritate me. Do you use my phone minutes, or messages, or data allotment? If so, you are stealing from me. In any case, like many others, I want to have an easy option to turn these blatant intrusions OFF. My only other option, after almost two decades as an avg user, is to choose to no longer do business with you. I did not renew my pro subscription because of this "marketing" technique. I will also just drop you and go to one of many, many others who sell similar products. "Not possible" is not an acceptable answer. AVG sucks because of this. Hundreds will be notified by me personally, and I will advise against any of your products. Just keep this up and see how fast you can lose business to your competitors.
Norton GreenfeldNorton Greenfeld
I also will get rid of my AVG products. I like them, but this business practice is just too much.

I'm sorry AVG doesn't listen enough to its customers.
Val MacduffVal Macduff
Ditto. Been a loyal customer for many years. Not only will a purchase a different product when my license expires - I shall cease reccommending it to my computer beginners class.
Frank BertelsenFrank Bertelsen
"Not possible" is indeed not a valid answer. If they can figure out how to program the annoyances into their software, they surely can figure out how to delete that exact same code again.

It is not that they can't, it is that they won't.
Mark DarbyMark Darby
Unbelievable. They are now popping up the SAME ads more than once a day! To AVG, "No thanks" means "YES KEEP TELLING ME THE SAME D* THING PLEASE TODAY!" This used to be a respectable operation. I've recommended it successfully to 10-15 office pros. My advice will be the opposite from here on out. Very disappointed.
hans hansenhans hansen
Yeah, i switched to Avast today. And adviced all my clients to do the same. It is truly awesome.

I recomend that you do the same.
Debbie TDebbie T
Count me among the thousands of annoyed customers who will be shopping for new antivirus software.  I don't mind seeing that popup once in a while - but 3 or 4 times a day is simply spam.
Jhon SimthJhon Simth
And this question is marked as resolved. Ha ha ha. Ha ha ha.

And AVG... I don't need to reboot. Why do you keep telling me to reboot? That isn't how computers work. It makes you look like idiots. You ask me to reboot - using your button - every day. That's just plain stupid. I shut the computer down every time I use it. Then I fire it up the next time I use it. The whole cycle is called rebooting. You are MORONS for not using the normal cycle - for ignoring the normal cycle. And then there are your STUPID popups. So, tell me, what's your conversion rate? 2%? And your marketing geniouses [sic, like, duh] think that's success? ESAD. 
Drew BayeDrew Baye
It looks like I will be switching to another company's products, too. It is inexcusable for AVG to do this, then to lie to customers and claim there is nothing that can be done to prevent the pop ups. GFY, AVG. 
Eric NowExUserEric NowExUser
I've been reading this thread for a while hoping against hope there was a resolution. I was paid up in full for 2 more years and have just cancelled my subscription. AVG went from being the solution to being the problem. I am now paying for a different product and have uninstalled AVG on all my systems.

Maybe we'll all read about this on Digg, er .. reddit.com.
Lois HollonLois Hollon
When the AVG PC Tuner pops up, I actually inhibits me from typing or doing anything else on my computer until I click the X to close it.  This is unacceptable because I use my computer to work at home as an exit interviewer.  I'm typing responses to questions all day long and do not have the time or the inclination to continue to do this.  I would suggest that AVG listen to it's subscribers. If AVG can make it pop up, then it can make available an opt out as well. Poor business practice and that's not something I ever expected from AVG.
Piet SmithPiet Smith
What rubbish these popups are even in the middle of games or presentations this will popup.
Removing RIGHT AWAY and canceling my subscription.
Michael JensenMichael Jensen
I just logged in to say im removing AVG on my computers and the relatives and friends i have contacted to recommend the remove AVG and install an antivirus and anti malware tool, that is in it self not a anti malware program.

I read moths of responses.

And i can see that AVG cannot even understand that there is a problem, that their commercials are
not genuine.

The popups appear like malware adware often does.
They are disturbing the work flow of users.
The program is used to avoid and combat malware - but the program itself act like one.
The language used is akin to that used in Adware Malware programs.
The UI of the ads and campaigns is the same used as in adware & malware programs,
The staff at AVG clearly sees no problems with it.

With that perception in the AVG company, i cannot trust them even if i could buy a version without ads.
Because the way they see things is incombatible with a securty mindset. In my opinion no one should thrust the company or the programs for security related systems.

And they should not be trusted with other programs and pc functionality either.

So i have researched and found a replacement for AVG antivirus and malware program, I must stress that AVG in my mind is no longer a security product even though it still has these properties in their system. It is malware and the AVG staff, seems to have a mindset of people that deploys and advertises malware and unsolicited adware.

Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ Michael Jensen
Michael, Did you see this AVG article (http://avgread.me/popups)?.
AVG Guru
Derek DayDerek Day
All AVG products removed from 2 out of 5 devices. The other 3 will follow in about a week. AVG is now intrusive malware.

Long time AVG user.
Very pleased with usability and reliability.
VERY unhappy with popups.
Recommended AVG to many friends and family, now hanging my head in shame.
sumner ferrissumner ferris
I agree with all the ads\ popups continually. If avg thinks I might be interested in another product. SEND AN EMAIL. If I am interested I will say so. If not I will also say so. But to keep up with these annoying sales pitchs is a bit much. I have had avg for sometime and it has mostly served me well. But constant pop up ads have to go.Even many computer repair techs who once touted avg no longer do. Due in great part to intrusive annoying ads to SELL more product. Like the rest,I DO NOT NEED TO BE CONSTANTLY MADE AWARE THAT AVG HAS OTHER PRODUCTS.  AVG PLEASE LISTEN, YOU are killing your own business.
Roxanne StuckRoxanne Stuck
Same here, looking for another antivirus.
Richard SheaRichard Shea
Same here, had enough of this spam.
Richard SheaRichard Shea

Same here, after 10 years of using AVG I've had enough as this seems to happen every year, a sudden bombardment of popups desite opting out.

I'm aware of AVG products I already own most of them, so why send me more adverts for the products I already own.

AVG's reputation is going downhill quickly now, and they deserve it as there seems no rush in fixing such a serious issue.

Douglas AllanDouglas Allan
Thank you to people who took the time to describe their experience trying to remove the incredibly annoying AVG-generated popups that are obviously purposely embedded in their fully paid software.
To think I would somehow appreciate this annoyance after already having paid for my subscription is deeply mistaken.
I just ended my subscription.  I encourage others to do so.  No company should survive while ignoring the clear needs of their customers.
Haw stileHaw stile
I removed AVG from 7 of my computers (home and office) both paid and free.  They all slam you with adware more than once daily.  All suggestions to limit or decrease the pop ups are bogus.  They continue.  I like to check back here now and again to see how many others have seen the light and found Avast or others that do not create adware but truly protect you from it.  Such a shame  that the original AVG vision was so abandoned.  To spam paying clients is the REALLY bad part of it all.
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