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Marilyn WaitsMarilyn Waits 

will not load windows/system32/drivers/avgidshx.sys?

When windows is loading it stops on this line "windows/system32/drivers/avgidshx.sys.  At this point nothing more happens with the loading of windows.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Mciahq FebinMciahq Febin
Thank you for the link, it was helpful however, do you know the reason for this happening to begin with? Thank you for your replay! ^.^
Dorado SystemsDorado Systems
Hello to all that encoutered this issue.
One of the solutions, I say one because on other PC BIOS version you may not have this option described bellow.

1st step - You have to enter BIOS settings and search for IDE section settings.
2nd step - Once found you have to sellect “Compatible”
3rd Step - Exit and Save Settings

Now your Windows XP should start normaly.

4th Step - You will receive a message about 2 files that encountered problems. The best thing is to uninstall and after that reinstall a clean copy of AVG Antivirus.

Good luck hopping this will help you by not being forced to reinstall and lose all your files and installed programs.

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