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Mike BauMike Bau 

avgmsi_error 27046 driver installation failed

I had AVG and it was failing to update. So I uninstalled it and then tried to reinstall a fresh version of AVG.

No matter what I do I can not install a new version of AVG I get a driver installation error 0xC007001C
 I have tried downloading the AVG remover and uninstalling that way. It does not work. I have tried going into safe mode and uninstalling avg with the avg remover. That also doesnt work. The tool gets to a cloud section and the crashes and exits.
Dave PickeringDave Pickering
hi mike have you tried following this article www.avg.com/us-en/faq.num-5173
Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
Hello Mike
You can try the steps given to you by Dave, to repair

If the problem persists then please follow these steps to Reinstalling AVG
Thank you
Mike BauMike Bau

What the both of you seem to be missing and what is probably common with a lot of the errors I see posted on your forum is that AVG has already been uninstalled. There is NO option to repair in the program manager because AVG isn't there its already been uninstalled.

You can no longer install AVG because of a broken AVG driver. There seems to be no way to delete that driver or delete the link to that driver. It ALWAYS fails no matter how many times you try to uninstall and reinstall. I tried all steps before going to the AVG remover tool which also fails to remove the defective driver.

Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
Hello Mike
If you receive the following message
Driver installation failed
Severity: Error
Error code: 0xC0070643
Error message: General internal error.

or similar
Then please follow the exact procedure for reinstalling AVG. From that link I shared above
First perform 1) Uninstall AVG
And then, 2) Install AVG again

Tell here the result
Thank you
Mike BauMike Bau

I know you think you are being helpful but you are not. Repeatng the same information multiple times doesnt change the problem. If it were as simple as clicking uninstall I wouldn't be on this forum. This isn't my first computer.

Uninstall does NOT remove the problem I don't know how else to say that to make you understand.

Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
You can try here to download AVG Remover tool and run it
This tool should remove all parts of the computer

If this does not solved the problem then other steps are
Thank you
Borislav AngelovBorislav Angelov
If there is any error or other please inform here
Thank you
Mike BauMike Bau
If you read the original post you would see I have already done that


Removing AVG by all possible ways does not remove this problem
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ Mike Bau

Mike, Re official AVG Community Support expert assistance.. They will attend to your posting @ their earliest convenience but please bear in mind it's now the weekend (
I am experiencing this same problem as Mike Bau and have tried the same steps to remedy the problem.

Don Berberich
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi Mike,
In order to analyze it please provide us with diagnostic output using this tool (http://download.avg.com/filedir/util/AVG_SysInfo.exe) and please add detailed description of issue.
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