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AVG Program Deactivator - howto disable

This NAG program ios completely useless. The suggestions made bu the program inlclude startup services needed by other programs or components. A good example is my bluetooth stack etc.
My question is basically why this complety helpless program cannot be deactivated itself. It eats up memory and measures realtime of something happened meaning its slowing down my machine but i cant opt out unless i complete ly uninstalll the freaking proigram PC Tuneup. This program does include some vclewver functionelity but unfortunately its also a nag program infested with featueres i think the programmers at PC Tuneup might think is the best ever, but actually i am using myu machine for other things than looking for tuneup posibilities og virus scanning, oi would like to be left alone withpout suggetions for tuning things unless i have the time for it otherwise stay away, but that option is not available.
Obviously you can  go into settings like:
AVG PC Tuneup settings/Program deactivator/ .. here i have select the weakest setting posible to make sure im not bpothered by the program, nevertheless it shows up once a week
AVG PC Tuneup settings/Live optimization .. i have selected nothing/disabled
AVG PC Tuneup settings/Automatic maintenance .. i have selected nothing/disabled
AVG PC Tuneup settings/Update check .. i have selected nothing/disabled

nevertheless i get suggested update today
nevertheless i get suggestions for disabling programs i do not want dsisabled

how the f... do you/is it possible to disable components in this increadibly bad software at all?

i thinlk the price is to high if the solution is to install, get the goodies in optimization but then you have to uninstall to get rid of the nag screens and bad compnnents that are obviously not doing what they are supposed to do.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
per per, Re AVG Community Support expert assistance.. They will attend to your posting @ their earliest convenience but please bear in mind it's now the weekend (http://forums.avg.com/ww-en/avg-forums?sec=thread&act=show&id=190509) in Brno, Czech Rep..
AVG Guru
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi Per,
You can disable AVG Program Deactivator notifications, etc.
It doesn't eat any more recources because Tuneup uses just one service.
per perper per
Thanks for your input. I was kinda prepared that this would be the solution but its actually not really that great. The phrase in th esettings somehow state that i now just "wont hear about it" when something is "handled" by the program. 
Its not something i trust after having spent alot of time with this somewhat odd program. Dont get me wrong, its great to the extent it does speed things up, initially. Bit the maintenance and checks are not trustworthy given the fact it states that it will not check for updates, nevertheless it does? i know its a different part of the program, but if theres a bug the why not in the other parts as well.
Im just not ready to just uninstall to get rid of the popups as i actually paid for the software and does use it occsionally to clean my regdb and other stuff.
Please review your software, refactor and fix as needed, the program does have its justification. But please check and test before roll out.
Thanks for a swift heads up Alan! 
per perper per
Hmm,  i did follow advice and disabled notification but i was kinda worried that it would not do the trick and maybe even continue to eat resources behind the scene after all. Today evrything is slow and i did some research again. There are not one service like you state Zbynek, there are (at least) 2 and counting not AVG (that is doing absolutely nothing besides tracking new events realtime) - AVG holds 8 processes from firewall to watch dog. But PC tuneup takes 2, the TuneUpUtilitiesApp64.exe and the TuneUpUtilitiesService64.exe. What are they doing and why cant they be stopped to run only by request? they are in the top end when it comes to CPU activity and they eat 4276Kb RAM for the App and 12.572Kb Ram for the service. Please include some coding time to help this app behave better, its ok to start that i will give you but not good enoiugh to have runnking realtime, thats nag and not at all eating its own medicine. Kr, Per PS. please let me remind you also that i am a paying subscriber when it comes to both AVG and to the Tuneup app. I did purchase your tuneup app and that even after going throgh the pain of getting rid of the free version that i can expose will requere you to completly uninstall AVG to get rid of the nag screens etc. before it will leave youy alohe agan with just a clean AVG install. Now i paid for it and i realy expected to find some better performance and behavior from the app. I will sing with the the quire stating that this realy is a burdon around the neck of AVG itself if noone is going to fix this in the near future.
ZbynekZbynek (Avast) 
Hi per,
If you don't need/want any real-time optimatization you can disable service and run it only when you need it.
Benny DawkinsBenny Dawkins
How do I disable it. Adobe Premier is not working now.... help!!!!!!
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