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Julie MillerJulie Miller 


Installed Windows 10 and unable to retrieve or send email. Receive an error message 0x8007271d. Can't sync my mail with my POP3 server or with Google Gmail account.  I've researched and apparently it has something to do with the antivirus/email program. Anyone else having this problem?
Philip NealePhilip Neale
I have spent numerous hours on line and on the phone yesterday and today trying to sort out the problem. I supplied the system info this morning and am still waiting. Still unable to use any e mail address except hotmail or outlook. I have gone through the process of uninstalling AVG, E mails fine. Loading AVG anti virus free, e mail working fine. Loading AVG Internet Security trial, only hotmail or outlook working, all others don't. Load paid for AVG Internet Security, only hotmail or outlook working, all others don't. Disable AVG, on,y hotmail or outlook working, all others don't. Disable AVG, Disable AVG Firewall, all e mails working. So it would appear there is a problem with AVG Firewall.
Julie MillerJulie Miller
Yes, that's exactly what I just found out. I disabled the AVG Firewall for 10 mins and was able to send and receive. When the Firewall was enabled, the emails stopped. What to do???
Hariharkumar LakshmiHariharkumar Lakshmi (Avast)
Hi Julie , I will help you with the issue,  go to your firewall settings and click on the tab which lists all the rules for applications (The tab is called "Applications"). You then find the ones labeled Host Process for Windows Services. The Domains for these applications should be: "C://Windows/System32/svchost.exe and C://Windows/SYSWOW64/svchost.exe"
Enable/Allow these to bypass the firewall and the app should be working.
To allow application in firewall please follow this link http://avgread.me/1G3omO8
Julie MillerJulie Miller
Yes, I followed your instruction and it worked! Thanks so much!!
-980156917-980156917 (Avast)
Hi Julie, it's good to hear that your issue has been resolved and I really appreciate your efforts. It is customers like you that are helping to make AVG a household name.
Henning EdgrenHenning Edgren
THANKS A LOT !!!!!!! Tried to find the solution on the web and finally did....Now very happy, I have struggled with the problem Error code: 0x8007271d  without knowing it was related to AVG for almost a year.

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