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AR WassermanAR Wasserman 

Intel Management Engine Components

My Toshiba Satellite Win 8.1 laptop (personal/home use, no network) machine came with Intel Management Engine Components installed and shows up in my purchased AVG PC Tune Up as an installed program with High usage of CPU and RAM. I keep getting a generic AVG pop up from time to time that it is slowing down my system. Searching the net provided conflicting results as to whether it is safe to disable it.
Anyone disabled it and had satisfactory results? I have multiple USB devices - new and old - connected and some comments in other non-AVG forums say that this Component is necessary to run with BIOS and handle how the PC keeps everything working properly. Enabled now, everything is working fine so I'm hesitant to disable it without seeing if anyone has any experience and knowledge about this. Thank you
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Andrew,
Thank you for contacting AVG. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.
Please be informed that since Intel Management Engine component needs to be running in background to keep all other components work properly in your pc, we request you not to disable it. Please keep Intel Management Engine in Enabled state.
Feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
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