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Susan WhiteSusan White 

avg free on Windows XP

A window pops open. "An application is requesting access to a protected item" Choice, ok, cancel, delete. 
  None of the above work. Then it asks for a password.  What password?  The same thing happened after an update for Avast which is why I am looking for a free antivirus program and tried AVG.  The only way the box leaves is if I remove the antivirus program. I have removed and replaced both Avast and AVG and the box comes back  once it is reinstalled. 

  Is there any free antivirus software that still works on XP? 
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hello Susan,

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
Please be informed that the AVG Antivirus program are compatible on Windows XP Service Pack 3
We request you to provide the screenshot of the popup that appears so that we can assist you better.
If you aren't sure on how to take a screenshot please follow the instructions mentioned in this link: http://avgread.me/1aZxsAV and attach the image to this post.

Just in case that you are unaware, you can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions.
Jean RowlandJean Rowland

I too have this same problem, I can confirm I have Windows XP running service pack 3.

Please see atttached screenshot.

User-added image
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (Avast)
Hello Jean,
Thank you for the screenshot. We request you to uninstall and reinstall the AVG Free version to check the issue.  Download and run AVG Clear tool: https://share.avg.com/steam/PSP/AVG2017/AVG_Clear.exe. This tool will help with removing antivirus component of AVG 2017 and its traces.

Open tool
User Account control - click "Yes"
Windows safe mode - click "No" (we cannot recommend use the tool in safe mode, because there is a problem with compability)
Choose installed version (AVG Free, AVG Internet Security)
Click "Uninstall"
Click "Restart computer"
Once you reboot the computer, please click the link http://files-download.avg.com/inst/mp/Antivirus_Free_1817.exe to install AVG Free 2017 version. Once you reinstall , please scan  your computer once and check for the status of the issue.
Thank you.
Jean RowlandJean Rowland

Thanks for your quick response.

I have completed all the tasks as specified. However when I clicked the restart button my computer didn't restart, so I did this manually.

During the installation step of AVG I can across and error, see attached screen shot, and as yet therefore haven't run the virus scan.

User-added image

I clicked the Yes button on this dialog and it just disappeared.

Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
Hi Susan,

We understand your concern, we request you to repair your "AVG" from Control Panel once to resolve this issue. If issue persists, please get back to us and we will help you with it. Also, it is Normal to restart the computer Manually.

Thank you!
Joe O'RourkeJoe O'Rourke
Hey all,

I wanted to comment that this happened to me as well sometime last month (approximately when you posted). I can confirm I'm on Windows XP SP3. Initially I noticed that AVG stopped launching from both the system tray and through the Start menu. I believe this was the first time I saw that window pop up. I unistalled AVG through the control panel and installed the latest version from a file downloaded to my phone (via USB). I figured I had some Malware and ran a computer scan at some point. I got the pop up again, as described, even with it asking for some type of password. Soon after I also got AVG gui crash/failure pop up. It would pop up around 3 times. Again, I uninstalled AVG after downloading the latest version from the same computer and installed that version. Sure enough the pop up reappeared. That's about when I found this thread. It happened to me again around last week and again just now.

I will try repairing through Control Panel and then try the cleaner tool. I was able to get some screenshots, including of the "Details" screen and the one asking for a password. The "avggui" failure has only happened about once since this started.
Pandi RajanPandi Rajan (Avast)
Hello Susan,

We truly apologize for the inconvenience caused. We kindly request you to follow the instructions by repairing and by running the tools to remove, then reinstall the program. After running the tool and reinstalling the program, feel free to contact us for further help.

Thank you.
Kevin RicksKevin Ricks
Just had this pop up on an XP machine that I try to keep alive.  Has this error been repaired?  I've uninstalled AVG per the instructions but based on other comments it appears to continue even after a new install. 

Also, on the reboot after the uninstall, I got the BSOD.  Then Windows recovered from a ctastophic error.  I'm running perfect disk now.  Not sure if it is related but suspiciously conicidental.

Looking forward to a reply.  I'd be real curious as to what it really is and why it just popped up.

Thank you.
Kevin RicksKevin Ricks
Just had this happen on an XP machine I try to keep alive.  Per the instructions I've uninstalled.  However on reboot, the machine got the BSOD.  A suspicious coincidence.

After rebooting, it said it had recovered from a sever error.  I'm running perfect disk on it now to spiff things up.

My question is has this error been fixed.  I've seen in other posts that the error reoccurs after a freash install.  Also, I'd be really curious as to what the error really is and why it all of a sudden showed up.

I thought I had posted this before but when I came back to check on it, there was no post.  So if there are two of these... that is why.

I look forward to the response as I am debating on whether or not to re-install.

Thank you.
Gunaseelan GurusamyGunaseelan Gurusamy (Avast)
Hello Kevin,
We regret to hear about the inconvenience caused. The pop up message was due to the AVG Update failure which can be fixed using AVG repair. Please click on "NO" if the Pop up appear again and repair AVG program installed in your computer. The BSOD error is a coincidence as you have uninstalled AVG from the computer. Please re-install AVG Anti-Virus free using the link : http://avgclick.me/InstallFree
Thank you.
Al KondorAl Kondor
It happens to me also since the last AVG update.. 
all of the above
The program is bad !!!
I will uninstall and move to AVAST
Al KondorAl Kondor

I ununstalled the KB 4012598 and everything is fine now
Nothing asks for permissions...

It is Microsoft mistake and they should fix it

Al KondorAl Kondor
The problem is not with AVG but with Microsoft !!
I uninsatlled AVG and added Avast
The same problem happened
It is the special security patch that Microsoft added to XP after the ransomware attack !!!!
Blame Bill !!
I am getting the same popup. From this thread I am not sure what the solution is.

Does repairing AVG stop it from happening?

Or is Al Kondor correct that this is from the XP security patch and that needs to be removed?

AVG please understand the popup doesn't have a "No" option. It only has OK, Cancel and Details buttons. If I click on Details it says that the program attempting to access protected data is C:\Program Files\AVG\Antivirus\AVGSvc.exe. I know it is just your first response in general to say to repair AVG. But can anyone confirm that repairing AVG stops this or not? Or do I need to remove KB 4012598 and is that safe to do? What's the real solution?
Al KondorAl Kondor

It started after the KB patch 
I removed AVG and installed avast.. 
many "blue screens" since then.. but.. the same popup
I removed the patch. 
and again many blu screens...
no popups for 2 days.. and suddenly it came again.. 
It is sure due to this microsoft patch.. that left "leftovers"
I will try to use some force unistaller​ to remove every remnants of KB 4012598

Al KondorAl Kondor
Didn't find any leftovers.. 

Al KondorAl Kondor

An updtae:
Did not find a way to locate r\left overs of this KB
I saw that "by the way" there was an update of Visual C++ redistributable 2015. I don't know which program added it - the KB 4012598 ot the Avast

I tried to remove it but failed. I ran over it a newer VC Red 2017.. 

I rebooted and no blue screen now.. 

Maybe this solved it.. 

I will update

Al KondorAl Kondor
Sorry to inform that it did not solve the problem....
Al KondorAl Kondor

The application that causes this is aswidsagent.exe
Supposed to be anti-identity theft
but maybe a malware.. 
can't be stopped or deleted with task manager.. 

any ideas ?

Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello A F,
I have sent you an email (requesting to collect AVG/system logs), please follow the email instruction to send us the logs file, so that we will analyze the issue and assist you further.
Best regards,
Al KondorAl Kondor

And it seems to be related to Chrome with either AVG or AVAST
I used AVG removal tool and then installed AVG again

Now I work with Firefox instead of CHROME (which is not supported anymore on XP)(Firefox also end their support since version 52 on XP.. just security updates)
See what will happen
So far so good


Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hello Al Kondor,

We appreciate your patience and efforts in this matter.
Do you mean to say that the issue didn't appear now?
Also did you get the email from us to collect the log files of AVG?
Joe O'RourkeJoe O'Rourke
This issue is NOT related to the recent WannaCry ransomware update. This thread predates the attack by at least a month, and thus before Microsoft's KB patch update for XP.

Also, AVG is a subsidy of Avast and I believe it was already mentioned (perhaps in another thread) that Avast gives the same issue.

I have not encountered a Bue Screen.

I also use Chrome.

I have just run the clean up tool and installed the latest version of AVG Free (Antivirus_Free_1896.exe). We'll see how this goes. I'll likely respond if the issue happens again.
Joe O'RourkeJoe O'Rourke
Today I ran a computer scan. I do not know if it was the conclusion of the scan or coincidence but this window HAS popped up again (at the end of the scan). The cleaner tool did not seem to fix the issue.

I should have noted when I ran the cleaner tool I ran it twice consecutively. The first time I left all the settings as defaulted. The second time I changed the last option about the AVG program to AVG Free.
Al KondorAl Kondor
and this popup window asks permission for the AVG antivisrus
Al KondorAl Kondor
Sorry to inform that he it popped up again.. 
It is a program calle aswidsagent.exe ... but no such file found on my system !!!
It cannot be stopped or deleted.. 
It supposed to "protect" from id thief.. 

No malware found on my PC and now visrus.. 

What is this and hoa can we remove it ???
Al KondorAl Kondor
Found the file in AVG directory
Gonna disable it in safe mode and see what will happen
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (Avast)
Hello Al,
Please send us a screenshot
http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-create-a-screenshot of that popup windows asks permissions for AVG program to check and assist better.
Al KondorAl Kondor
The same aswidsagent.exe is also within AVAST

Is this the problem ? 

We shall see..  the PC is ON without this file in the system.. 

Alan BinchAlan Binch
Al, For your info, just in case that you are unaware, you can post the screenshot (http://avgclick.me/getscreenshot) here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions. 
AVG Guru
Al KondorAl Kondor

Sorry.. I don't have a screenshot.. but it defintely pointed to AVG as it pointed to AVAST few days earlier when I tried to switch the AV program

In both cases the file aswidsagent.exe was active while the popup popped.. and only then

As I wrote, this file is shared by AVG and AVAST !!!


Al KondorAl Kondor
It seems that disabling this file aswidsagent.exe solved the popup problem... 
If this is important to the security of the PC... please fix it !!!
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Al,
Thi process aswidsagent.exe is a Identity protection process from AVG and it is required for the protection part to work fine. We suggest you to repair "Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012" from control panel and check if that fix this issue.
Thank you
Al KondorAl Kondor
no 2012 here
I have 2005, 2008, 2012, 2017
(I mentione earlier the 2015 that was "updated" about the time that KB 4012598 was updated and I removed it
Al KondorAl Kondor
I will try
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Susan,
Please check if 2012 is present. We see you have mentioned that you can see the 2012 version from control panel. If so, please repair the same and check if that fix the issue. Please type AVG in the search box of control panel and check if you see the 2012 version of AVG in your computer.
Thank you
Al KondorAl Kondor

I have the last AVG 

no earlier version 
I removed it all before re-installing AVG

I installed VC++ 2012 and enabled aswidsagent.exe
the popup jumped within a second after starting the browser (Chrome in this case)

again it asks permission for AVG... 

Al KondorAl Kondor

I prefer not to have this "ID protection" than having this NAGGING popup
I urge you to find what causes this problem and fix it

Al KondorAl Kondor
I installed c++ redist 2012 and enabled the aswidwagent.exe
within a second the popup returned
the problem is between the AV and its files and MS update 
I will disable this file again
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Susan,
We are sorry to hear that the issue persists. In this case, you can uninstall the Software Analyzer from the AVG settings.
Please open the AVG AntiVirus free->Menu->Settings->Components->Software Analyzer. Please select "Software Analyzer and you will get an option to uninstall this component, please click on "Uninstall" and that should remove this component from AVG.
Thank you
Al KondorAl Kondor

I must say that your last updates are terrible
need to double restart on win7..

no alert to restart on XP

I think that the update caysed the popup to show again on the XP
blue screen on every XP restart after your updates

you are not efficient...


Al KondorAl Kondor

The item that asks permission is AVG

User-added image
Al KondorAl Kondor

Since AVAST bought AVG.. 

no wonder that both cause the same nagging popup with the same file... 

uninstalled both !!!

will try free zone-alarrm now


Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Al Kondor,
We have sent you an email, please follow the email instruction and help us with AVG/system logs. We will analyze the issue and we will help you further.
Best regards,
Flash WestFlash West
I would also like to add to my post above:  

In addition to no longer receiving the pop up.  My nightly scan schudule has returned as well as the exceptions that i had. 

Flash WestFlash West
My experience:

I have the same OS and SP3 this happened just after the pop up for activation/update of new version of AVG.  

Behaviour previous to that:

1. I had notced that AVG services had stopped running on the machine on start up

2. no nightly scans were running 

Behavior after activation:

1. I started getting the pop up noticifcation shown in the screen shots above notifying that an application was trying to acess a protected item. For me, the event that triggered this pop up was opening chrome, but looking at the details in the box shows that AVG was the responsible application.

2. Missing user data/functionality in areas of program, specifically the nightly scan schedule and exceptions. It was as if the program was halting or unable to read in that info. I also could not establish a new schdule or exceptions.

** This has nothing to do with the above mentioned KB from MS, 'Security Update for Windows XP SP3 (KB4012598)' as I do not do automatic updates and have not installed that update.

Action I have taken:

1. I felt strongly that this was related to the activation of the 'Software Analyser' component and as a result uninstalled that component.

2. After rebooting the machine and opening chorme I am no longer receive the annoying pop up. 

I willl leave it that way until the bug is tracked down and an update issued. I will only report back to this thread IF there is a reoccurence.

Hope this helps!  :)
Flash WestFlash West
Hmmm, for some reason the last post, posted first! So it should say post BELOW now... lol
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Flash,
Thank you for your kind post. We will check the software analyzer component from our end and make sure to update it to stop this pop-up. A new version of AVG is released, please update your AVG program and check if you still have this problem in the latest version.
Thank you
Flash WestFlash West
Another update...

After I took the above steps I was fine using chrome... The next day I discovered the same issue popping up with Firefox.  In response to Karthikeyan, I did have the latest update as verified by the program... 

This time I decided to go the repair route, this seems to have fixed the issue. I have restarted the pc several times and opened and closed both browsers to check if the same issue pops up and all seems normal.

After the repair, the software anylyser componet was still uninstalled and I have decided to leave it in that state as I don't really need or want it taking up more resources on this machine as well as the fact that I am the only user of the machine and do not really do dangerous stuff with it. If you need me to do it for testing purposes I can do that, but I do not plan to return to thread unless another issue reveals itself. :)

Hope that helps someone down the road.
Flash WestFlash West

Unfortunately I have found that the bug persists.

I have taken the additional step of uninstalling in addition to using AVG_CLEAN, and reinstalling AVG as well as uninstalling the Software Analyser compoineent again after the reinstall proved to have the same bug.

I have attacked screenshots of the initial dialog box as well as what its details reveals.

AVG 1,  initial dialog box that pops up

Please advise when you have a fix for this...
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Flash,

I have emailed you a link to collect the error logs from your computer. Please send us the logs, so we can escalate this case to the senior team.

Thank you
Flash WestFlash West
Thanks, I have ran AVG SYS INFO and submitted the data as well as a replied to the email as requested.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
You are most welcome, Flash.
Thank you for submitting the log files.
I have escalated the case to senior technical team for further analysis.
Please keep checking the email to know about the status. Your patience is much appreciated.
Joe O'RourkeJoe O'Rourke
I've encountered some other issues, which I do not know if they are related.

The AVG Icon in the system tray displayed a blue exclamation point ("!") in a white speech bubble, hovering over the icon displayed a message "Error - Please click for more info", or something to that effect. Clicking on doing so brings up AVG but this gives a message: "AVG UI has failed to load... This is embarrassing..." giving the option to Exit or Reload the UI. This is not the first time I've seen this message. I'm not sure which got the UI to eventually load and the "!" disappeared.

This also seemed to affect my ability to connect to secure https:// webpages.

Back in April when this all seemed to start I noticed problems with the UI not responding, prompting me to reinstall. I had similar issues here. I was unable to minimize, close or use the menu located along the top of the window. Other options seemed responsive. Clicking the "left arrow to Zen" button brought me to the AVG Zen UI and everything there seemed responsive. Clicking the "X" to close the window worked, but the other AVG UI window remained unresponsive in this manner.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
Hello Joe,

I can understand your concern. This issue can happen due to an incorrect or failed update from AVG. I suggest you to open the control panel from your computer and uninstall the AVG Protection. Once you remove this program, please restart your computer and install the AVG security from the Zen dashboard and check if the protection interface works fine. If you face any difficulties, please let us know and I will assist you further
Jon OwyangJon Owyang
Have same issue as Flash West.  Yesterday, I also performed AVG_clear uninstall and reinstalled AVG.  Protected Item pop-up came up again.  Has this problem been resolved?  If so, please post solution.  Thanks.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hello Jon,

I am sorry to know that you are facing the same issue.
We have to analyze the AVG log files inorder to proceed further.
I have sent the email instructions on how to collect and send us the AVG log files.
If the email is not present in the inbox, do check it on spam and junk folders once.
Alex M-HAlex M-H
Oh, I just had this happen on my computer. My brother freaked out and said it was a virus, and made me turn it off with the button. I'll have to try out the solutions here later, will say what happens.
Phil TaylorPhil Taylor
Same problem on an XP machine. Has this been resoved?
Flash WestFlash West
Hi all, just an update from my end...

After sending the dump/logs generated by AVG_SysInfo, I was directed to use a free remote support session so that AVG techs could fix the problem.

I am currently and have been traveling for the past week as well as the next couple of weeks and as a result I am unable to comply with the request at this time.

I would prefer AVG fix the problem with an update rather than a remote session, but it may not be feasible or cost effective to do so with XP.

I will also note that the email I got from support with the offer for a free remote support session also has this note in it:

"Important: The Remote Support service is no longer available for Windows XP. If you have a Windows XP computer, we may not be able to assist you remotely."

However, when I inquired about the issue I was told that only a few XP machines have an issue using the remote support service and to go ahead and try.
Alex M-HAlex M-H
User-added imageI did what it said to do but the pop up is back. How do we get rid of this? 
David SpectorDavid Spector
I have been having this problem for a few days now on an XP Home SP3 computer. The text in the dialog box is always in Chinese characters. It is clear that the people answering this forum do not know anything about the internals of AVG. I can only hope that the AVG developers are told about this strange dialog box.

I have turned off the Software Analyzer permanently. I will post here if the problem recurs. Shame on AVG for being so unresponsive and for having a bug that looks like malware.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
I am sorry to hear that you receive this error. This issue was resolved in the latest version of AVG. Please let me know if you have the latest version of AVG program installed in your computer. Please send us the screenshot(http://avgclick.me/getscreenshot) of the AVG program that is installed in your computer, so we can check the same and assist you further.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ David Spector
David, For your info, just in case that you are unaware, you can post the screenshot here in your topic. Click on 'Answer' & then click on the 'Image' [mountain symbol] & follow the instructions. 
AVG Guru
Flash WestFlash West
Unfortunately it seems the latest update did not resolve the issue, here is the relevant screen shots:
Dialog boxAVG Version
After the update, it seemed the problem was resolved, but a couple of days later and using both Chrome and Firefox the problem revealed itself.

Initially it occurred when I opened Firefox, then remained persistent using whichever browser and including after restarts once these browsers are opened.
Alok KumarAlok Kumar (Avast)
Hello Flash,
I'm sorry to hear about this. From the screenshot, I see that your AVG Free Antivirus is disabled and still you're receiving error message. Please disable AVG components completely (open AVG Free Antivirus > menu > settings > components) and check if you can access your both browser with disabled AVG Antivirus Free.
Best regards,
Flash WestFlash West
Hi Alok, 

Yes, I had disabled the SA component hoping it was isolated to that, but obviously it was not. 

I also disabled the RS component after reading your response - it was the only other one I had enabled and I no longer recieve the dialog box.

The same was true when I used AVG clean earlier in this thread, I had no dialog box issues.
Components disabled
Abirami ShanmugamAbirami Shanmugam (Avast)
I regret for the inconvenience caused. From your previous records, I see that our senior technicians has sent email to connect with them. Hence please follow that email instructions and get connected with them. They will resolve the issue for you.
Thank you.
Kevin MKevin M

What is the status of this issue?

I have been suffering it w/ it for a couple months.  It happens once or twice a month, but it seems that none of the suggested fixes have worked, and I sure do not want to get into "fixes" that result in blue screens or other problems.  Does the problem go away w/ uninstalling and NOT reinstalling?
Does it go away w/ buying the paid version?

A little help here?  As shown above this has been going on since April., I believe.

Kevin MKevin M
Sorry, I meant to say it happens once or twice a WEEK.
AvinashAvinash (AVG) 
It is indeed disappointing when you have to contact us multiple times about the same issue. We would like to update you again that our developers are checking this issue and will be fixed at the earliest. Appreciate your patience.
Dave MilsterDave Milster
I have been experiencing the same symptoms on my win XP SP3 machine since AVG's update.
Reading through this BLOG, I see alot of apologies by AVG but NO answers what to do to FIX IT!.
What is the FIX?!  I get the same screens as above. If I hit the X in the top right corner I get another similar screen and so on for five to ten  pop ups then it goes away until I close and reopen CHROME...

Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Hello Dave,

I am sorry to know that the issue persists.
Have you updated your AVG Antivirus program to the latest version?
If not, please update it and let us know the status.
Ivan StrakaIvan Straka
my solution:
1. close any of the the windows above mentioned (An application...) by x (no other way!)
2. if it appears new window with other text, goto 1; else we are ready (no windows more)
Eric WesEric Wes
I'm seeing this too. Just started (~1/1/18). Getting ready to go backwards through posts to figure out best course of action. What a pain. 

Yep XP, and I think SP3. Not 100% sure, this machine is used as a media server. 


Alan BinchAlan Binch
@ Eric Wes
Eric, What Windows XP Service Pack Is Installed?
Open Control Panel through Start and then Control Panel.
Click on the Performance and Maintenance link. ...
In the Performance and Maintenance window, click on the System Control Panel icon at the bottom of the window.
AVG Guru
Ian BenningIan Benning
I had the same problem with this message. I uninstalled and reinstalled AVG and the popup kept appearing when I did a scan of the computer. I just kept closing the box until it stopped appearing. It eventually scanned my computer to 100% and said I have basic protection. OK until next time.
Abirami ShanmugamAbirami Shanmugam (Avast)

I completely understand your concern. Please reach our chat support team using this link and they will to assist further.

You can also reach our AVG phone support team using below toll free numbers:

USA & CA: +1 925 732 4274
AU & NZ: +61 281 034 937
UK: +44 1163 668 542
Gary DugganGary Duggan
I only came to AVG when MS prevented manual installation of Security Essentials signatures on XP shortly after the POSReady end of life date. As of 28 July 2019 this is still not fixed - and is clearly not going to get fixed. I think I can probably run my XP SP3 on my LAN (only) without a browser or if I cannot then I think I will probably run it without AVG! I think I will disable elements of AVG in sequence and see what happens.
Balasubramanian SBalasubramanian S (AVG) 
Sure, Gary. You can disable AVG components and check the status.
In-case, if you need any help regarding this, do let us know.
Ask a question
Struggling with non-AVG technology? We can fix that, too!