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Darren GrievesDarren Grieves 


HI , AVG antivirus detects that I have "IDP.ALEXA.46" virus on my usb card.
I suspect it is an exception but need to be sure.
Can anyone confirm this ?
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Alan BinchAlan Binch
All Users
If you suspect a false positive have a look @ this article (http://avgclick.me/reportafalsedetection).
AVG Guru

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Darren GrievesDarren Grieves
Also AVG antivirus says it has removed it but it seems to come back again after restart.
No viruses detected anywhere else on my pc.
Silviu BuleuSilviu Buleu
Same problem, I don't know if it is just a false positive or a virus, because I pressed on the ''Allow'' :(
-980156917-980156917 (Avast)
Hello Darren, I apologize for the inconvenience caused. Could you please let us know what "IDP ALEXA" is?
Cynthia OsburnCynthia Osburn
I just got this also when playing a game.  Never had any issues with this game before (Plants vs Zombies).  Also, I got this detection after I closed the game.  The full name of the detection is
I did a search for this and not really finding anything, but this page was the first result that came up.  It is a "medium" threat of some kind.  Is this a false threat, as I have not had any problems with the game before as months of use?
Alan BinchAlan Binch
All Users
If you suspect a false positive have a look @ this article (http://avgclick.me/reportafalsedetection).
AVG Guru
This was selected as the best answer
Darren GrievesDarren Grieves
Alan, I got an automatic avg update this morning and the issue has now gone and no 'virus' detected. I can only assume it has been fixed. Thanks for your help !!
Rajarajan SooiyachanthRajarajan Sooiyachanth (Avast)
Hello Darren,

It is really nice to hear from you that the issue has been resolved. Thank you so much for letting us know. Please feel free to contact us back for any further assistance so that we will be really glad to assist you further.

Thank you.
Andrew LAndrew L

Unfortunately, it's still not resolved here. My Seamonkey.exe file is still infected. I tried to reinstall it, but the infection comes back again. I attached a screenshot of the message, so you can see what the problem is.

Thank you and greeetings from Montreal, Canada!

AndrewUser-added image
Andrew LAndrew L
Here is one more screenshot, which shows what happens after I remove infected Seamonkey.exe from the ExceptionUser-added images.
Andrew LAndrew L
Some more info.

The browser started to behave strangely (slowing down, unresponsive), so I shut down the computer (win 7, 64). After I restarted it, the problem arised. 

I scanned the computer with some other antivirus software (AVG, be sure you are the best! ;-), but they didn't show anything.
Andrew LAndrew L
I found some (maybe) explanation reading the SeaMonkey last issue (2.35) notes.
"Some anti-virus software keeps detecting our installers as containing a "Trojan" or "Downloader". This is a false positive and is some wrong detection mechanism in the anti-virus software."
What do you think?
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Andrew, any antivirus would think some .exe files would harm your computer and that is the reason it detects it as a threat. If you are 100% sure that it is a trusted program then please add it to the exception by following the instructions mentioned in this link: http://avgread.me/18WB2dg and to analyze the threat please submit us the sample via http://avgread.me/1GgMyPc . Thank you.
Peter KeenanPeter Keenan
Hi there. My AVG anti-virus software has detected IDP.ALEXA.46 in an exe file and recommends virus removal. I accept this recommendation, the software does what it does and then says the task is completed. However, it appears that all it has done is remove the exe file. When I copy another copy of the exe file to the PC, the program works - for a few hours. Then the anti-virus software detects the same virus in the same exe file ... and around I go again. Do you have a solution?
BalasubramanianBalasubramanian (Avast) 
Hello Peter, I have provided the instructions to add to the exceptions and send us the sample. Please follow that and do lt us know the status of it. Please add the exception of the entire folder and .exe file separately to the exception. Thank you.
Andrew LAndrew L
Thank you for your advice! Following your instructions I submitted the file to further investigation.
I use the file (seamonkey.exe) since 2006 (every day), so it's definitely a trusted one.  
Rajendra SekarRajendra Sekar (Avast)
Darren, I appreciate your efforts to fix the issue. I kindly request you to hold your patience. Thank you.
Dan WarrinerDan Warriner
I got the same warning as part of an update for remote mouse software, i'm sure its not a problem
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Dan,
We apologize for it.
Could you please let us know the name of the AVG product you have installed in your pc? also let us know the exact issue you are facing with AVG, so that we are happy to assist you better.
Thank you.
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