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Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman 

I have had malware all over my screen for 3 days

I have had malware making my computer unusable on the internet for 3 days now. I have run extra AVG scans - nothing. I contacted BT my ISP - they did not help. I have looked through my installed programs list - there is nothing that should not be there. Am I alone with this problem - are ther others - i do not know.

Anyone know what is going on ?

Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Alan,
We understand how something like this can really try your patience.
Could you please let us know the name of the AVG product you have installed in your pc? also let us know how did you found that you have been infected with an malware? so that we are happy to assist you better.
Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman
I have AVG Internet security (trial) IAPOW-V7SAM-CVVSP-QXJ96-JPCYM-I . I normally use AVG free edition, have for years and found it more than adequate for my needs. The malware first appeared 3 days ago. it appears on all browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Maxxthon. The first thing thant happens shortly after opening a website is a black rectangle with the words "  Advertising in 5"   " followed by an X in a circle (close). After that various boxes,  warnings and ads open. Some appear to be genuine - I noticed one for BT. Most are fake. There are audible requests to phone an 0800 number in order to remove the malware. There is a video which says I can make $500,000 from $1.

All this is happening only to Windows 10 machines. Both a laptop updated from W7 and a new HP PC updated from W8. Android tablets and smartphones NOT affected. I have a couple of screenshots if that would be helpful.

As I said I am sure there is nothing in my program list that would cause this (BT looked at my program list and agreed.

Hope you can help


Alan Chesterman
Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Alan,
Thank you for the brief explanation of the issue.
Once the trial version of AVG Internet Security expires it will request you to purchase for the paid product. Please be informed that AVG doesn't request customers to pay for "$500,000". It's a scam pop up please don't respond to those phone numbers and advertisements. however there are numerous number of malware programs emerging day by day and we are working 24/7 to add all those definitions to our database. We request you to start uninstalling all unknown, unnecessary programs from your computer, make sure you don't uninstall the windows programs. Also remove all the weird, unwanted add-ons, plugins, extensions, tool bars and search bars from your web browsers, if the issue persists, reset your browsers once. This should fix your issue.
Please feel free to contact us should you need any assistance. Thank you. Aravind, AVG Customer Care.
Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman

I have already done all of your suggestions. no effect, problem remains

AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
We certainly understand your concern. We have sent you an email instruction to get connected with our technical support team. Please follow those instructions to get in touch with them and you should be able to resolve your issue. Thank you.
Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman
Spent 2 hours in a LogMeIn session with AVG.

In the end they gave up and said it was Microsofts' fault.

So I still have addware/malware all over my computer ..

AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Alan,
Thank you for writing back and letting us know the status of your issue. Our remote technicians will analyze your PC in all possible ways and only then they will inform you that if the issue is out of our scope of support. So, please contact a local technician or Microsoft for further help. Thank you.
Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman
Yes, Thanks.

Far easier than a local technician would be for me to re-install Windows, which is all local technicians do anyway. Trouble is - as no-one seems to know where the malware is coming from - chances are that my computer will just become re-infected. Just wasting more of my time.

As for contacting Microsoft ... as just an ordinary member of the public I stand no chance at all of telling microsoft anything about anything. There is just no way of getting through to microsoft. There are plenty of fix-u-quick criminals at the top of the search engines though.

So here I am an ordinary member of the public with a computer that is apparently wide open to abuse by anyone with a laptop, anywhere in the world .... and no-one in a resposible position is telling me anything useful.

I reluctantly opened my computer up to a LOgMeIn session, which is precisely what people tell you NOT to do ... with no result. I have frantically checked my bank accounts to check that no-one has emptied them .. but I am still very uncomfortable about things.

I have no doubt that microsoft or someone is trying to find the source of all this ... but as an ordinary member of the public I now find that my computer, its' contents and my bank accounts are in the hands of uncommunicative, incompetant organisations who might, or might not get it right eventually.

Nothing is filling me full of confidence.

Aravind GnanamurthyAravind Gnanamurthy (Avast)
Hello Alan,
We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Since the issue is out of scope we are unaware of it. As you suggested you can reinstall the operating system at your own risk. But we suggest you to contact your local system technician for help to get it fixed.
Please feel free to contact us for any further assistance. Thank you.
Alan ChestermanAlan Chesterman
Unaware of it ?AVG unaware
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
What Aravind is trying to say is the issue you are experiencing is out of scope of our service. Appreciate your understanding. Thank you.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Alan, If you 'Search support' you'll see that your screenshot has been posted by other users.
AVG Guru
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