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Steve StevensSteve Stevens 

AVG Antivirus IOS Devices

Hello AVG. Running the Free Trial version of AVG Pro supposedly to cover ALL devices.
Initial download of AVG FRee Trial (30 day) was onto PC running Windows and all functions
working perfectly.
When it come to using AVG on all devices the links only guide you as far as MAC installations.
There is no user friendly guide to allow straightforward AVG use on IPad or IPhone.
All the references for IOS Devices turn into only MAC installations not, as AVG suggest, 
IOS devices IPad or IPhone.
This is supposed to be a User Friendly Free Trial for ALL Devices.
I do not have a MAC and do not have Android devices.
It appears to me that it is mainly for PC and Mac and Android only.
IPad or IPhone IOS devices seem to be a mystery.
AVG on IOS for IPad or IPhone.is not user friendly and so far not found or installed.
There is no way I can pay to upgrade if the Free Trial does not trial IOS devices.
So to recap AVG on PC is good.
AVG for IPad or IPhone IOS devices no user friendly link. Only MAC link.
So WHY ?? is IOS IPad or IPhone IOS devices not on a main link. ??
Why do AVG force me to ask such a basic question ??
Regards. Steve
AVG on IOS for IPad or IPhone.is not user friendly and so far not found or installed.
AvinashAvinash (Avast) 
Hello Steve,
Thank you for taking time to provide your valuable feedback. We would like to inform you that AVG Protection multi device does not include apps for iPad and iPhone. It offers apps for Windows, Android and Mac. There are no AVG apps for iOS at the moment. Appreciate your understanding. Thank you.
Alan BinchAlan Binch
Steve, Search support.. For info also have a look @ this previous link (https://support.avg.com/answers?id=906b0000000bo2fAAA).
AVG Guru
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