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Jose Manuel MJose Manuel M 

Blue Screen of Death

Since AVG Free was updated to 17.6.3029, when I update the virus definition, the PC is blocked (Blue Screen of Death). And when I tried to uninstall AVG Free, the computer crashed again (Blue Screen of Death). I uninstalled it in safe mode with AVG Remover, restart the PC and reinstall with the AVG web file (AVG_Protection_Free_1606). But when I update the virus definitions, the PC crashes again and again (Blue Screen of Death)
Akash ChandaAkash Chanda (Avast)
Hi Jose,
I sincerely apologize for the difficulties you are currently experiencing. Please remove all the existing AVG products and then install a fresh copy of AVG Anti Virus Free from https://www.avg.com/en-us/download and check the issue.
Jose Manuel MJose Manuel M
I did it, but the problem continues.
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
I am sorry to hear that the issue persists. Please let me know the Windows version installed in your computer and provide me the screenshot http://avgclick.me/getscreenshot of the AVG version installed in your computer.
Jose Manuel MJose Manuel M
Because of continuous problems, I finally uninstall AVG, so I can not send the screenshot. But the information you ask me is (previously I had noted it to be able to compare it in reintalations):
Windows 10 Creator Edition (v.1703), build 15063
Avg Antivirus 17.6.3029
Avg Framework
Avg SetUp
I'm sorry, since AVG worked so well and I liked it, and I would not rule out re-working with this antivirus in the future if I did not have those problems.
I almost forgot, another question that appeared is that in the information about "last analysis" and "update" on the main screen, the message "a few seconds ago" always appeared, regardless of the actual time that had passed
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (Avast)
Jose, I appreciate your efforts and patience in trying to fix the issue. I would request you to reinstall AVG https://www.avg.com/en-us/download and to analyze the issue further, I need to submit your concern to our senior technicians along with other diagnostic logs. I have sent you an email with steps on how to collect and upload the data required for analyzing your issue. Please check your inbox and spam/junk folder as well.
Justin BucklandJustin Buckland
I experienced exactly what Jose Manuel M has experienced. Exact same version of AVG AntiVirus Free: 17.6.3029.
- Blue screen of death
- Occured IMMEDIATELY after restarting the machine when the install came through
- I was able to uninstall it once in safe mode, but then the blue screen of death occured upon restart anyway. 
After that I am stuck in and endless loop of blue screens and inability to uninstall:
- Cannot uninstall AVG Free, I get an error message (Error Code 0xe0010002)
My only problem is,  unlike Jose, I have not been able to remove this succesfully from my computer. My choices seem to be: rebuild the PC entirely from ground up or nothing?
Don't know if this info will help you. I'm going to bite the bullet soon and rebuild my PC from scratch. :(
Bhuvaneswari VairavanBhuvaneswari Vairavan (Avast)
Hello Justin,

I understand this must be upsetting and I apologize for the inconvenience. 
I would request you to follow the steps in this article http://support.avg.com/SupportArticleView?urlname=How-to-troubleshoot-issues-after-upgrade-to-the-latest-AVG-antivirus-product to run the removal tools (AVG remover and AVG Clear) to remove AVG traces completely from your PC.  
Justin BucklandJustin Buckland
Hi Bhuvaneswari

I have run these two tools but I still get the blue screen. I'm giving up and rebuilding my PC. Thanks for the suggestion.
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