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Ivo WeeversIvo Weevers 

Trying to install the latest AVG Anti-virus on a new MacBook Pro with Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3.
The installer starts, it downloads the files and begin installing, however at the end it said it failed and the software manufacturer should be contacted.

The AVGAntivirus directory is created in /Library with two sub folders tmpInstall and update-data. AVGAntivirus is not listed in /Applications.

I've done the delete, re-install and also machine restart.

Anybody have any idea?
Help would be much appreciated!


Bert HankinsBert Hankins 
Does my AVG subscription support my iPhone and iPad?

Since a few weeks when TimeMachine is making a backup and AVG FileShield is running the MAC BP is rebooting.
I uninstall AVG, reinstall but it doesn't help.

Any remedy ?
Ron KerrRon Kerr 
I can't find the AVG Dashboard on my MacBook Air. Help, please. Any clues gratefully received.
Ron KerrRon Kerr 
I can't find the AVG Dashboard on my MacBook Air. Help, please. Any clues gratefully received.
chad ginterchad ginter 
I searched for this issue and all the solutions tell me to go to settings, advanced, appearance, blah blah blah but the options for settings is very limited..I don't know if its different on Mac or Windows? I would post screen shots of my AVG Preferences options if I could..

Sven BlommaertSven Blommaert 

I am using AVG Cleaner for Mac but can't login via the app.
"Email and password don't match"

Works like a charme if i login to my account for support and subscription info.

Didn't found a solution only 2 other persons with the same problem.

Could someone give some support ? 

Sabrina MillerSabrina Miller 
I want to download AVG anti virus/theft for my iPad.
Dominika DDominika D 
AVG doesn't let me work on my Mac by poping up 10-15 Web Shield alerts per minute. 
I tried to look for the option to disable it, but it seems there is no such thing. 
How can I deal with it?
Jamie MisenerJamie Misener 
I was just wondering if AVG Business Edition works on Macs as well, as we have Windows PCs mainly, but also two MacBooks that we use. I looked for hours on the website but found no indication that AVG Business Edition works on Mac or not.

Any help would be appreciated.
Best Answer chosen by Jamie Misener
Dinesh KrishnanDinesh Krishnan (Avast)
Hi Jamie,

We're glad to help you with the info.
Unfortunately, AVG Business Edition is unavailable for MAC devices.
If you require any support regarding Business products, you can use this link
Thank you for your understanding in advance!
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