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alex parksalex parks 

file shield on my mac won't turn on no matter what i do.

Best Answer chosen by alex parks
KarthikeyanKarthikeyan (Avast) 
That's unfortunate the issue persists.

I will escalate this case to the senior team. They will check this and soon contact you via this community post with a solution.

We appreciate your time and co-operation.
Pat ScollinPat Scollin 
How do you relock the dataSafe after opening it without restarting the computer?
Jack SmithJack Smith 
At some point in the past I deleted a bunch of files to clear up storage on my mac. I accidentally deleted AVG and I want to reinstall it. However, it say that I can't reinstall it since a previous version is still installed. 
Signe SSigne S 
Every time I try to scan my computer, AVG gets stuck af 57%. I've tried uninstalling it and installing it again, and it still does the same thing. I've tried searching for the file it gets stuck with, but I can't even find it. What do I have to do to fix it?
Larry PeckLarry Peck 
 I am using a Mac Pro with Mac Os 10.13.6 It was infected with a ransomware virus and I want to make sure it is removed. I want to do a boot scan to make sure there is no virus in the boot area. Is there a boot scan disk for this purpose? If so what is the best one.

Since a few weeks when TimeMachine is making a backup and AVG FileShield is running the MAC BP is rebooting.
I uninstall AVG, reinstall but it doesn't help.

Any remedy ?
Alexander GeorgeAlexander George 
How do I install äug on my iPad?
Wendy ShielsWendy Shiels 
Does my AVG internet security cover mu Ipad, IPhone and HP Laptop?
Chris JChris J 
Each time I run AVG AntiVirus, it identifies the same 14 malware, which I then delete from quarantine. When I re-run AVG, the exact same malware are identified yet again. So it appears that AVG is not getting rid of the malware. Any suggestions on resolving this?
Tim AylenTim Aylen 
I am having a problem connecting a computer (iMac) to the Zen Network (logging in) despite using the correct username and password. 
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