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W SternW Stern 
I moved Alarm Clock Xtreme to a new phone. The auto dismiss doesn't work The alarm continues indefinitely.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, to no avail.

Appreciate your help. 

W. Stern
Charles KubooshCharles Kuboosh 
Cannot install avg on mobile phone.
Roy MoorefieldRoy Moorefield 
Same question that was raised here, but system won't let me login to follow or comment:
If the OP was directly emailed with the answer, that doesn't help the rest of us.
The issue is that in AVG App Lock (Android), part of AVG AntiVirus Ultimate, Google Wallet is not one the apps I am able to see and lock, and that is an important one.
Any ideas or suggestions to fix?
Malcolm SMalcolm S 
Having just bought the above android box I tried to install AVG as I have an ultimate subscription but despite a few attempts I cannot get it to load even disabling Play store protect it's using Android 11 OS and I don't want to pay another provider.
Any tips ?
Bom dia! Gostaria de pedir muito a ajuda do support do AVG, fiz uma limpeza no aplicativo e não fui informada que apagaria minhas fotos... no aplicativo constava que limparia o "arquivo morto". Preciso de conselhos de como recuperar meus dados por favor. Não posso perder essas fotos, nelas tenho recordações da minha formatura, da minha viagem com a família e fotos muito antigas. 
Sian ToSian To 
AVG has deleted all of my photos and videos after doing a "clean junk" scan through the antivirus app. I did not authorise this and have been using this function for years and this has never been an issue before. It contains over 5 years of memories with family members. Please can you advise how I can recover this data.
Ramon Baños LópezRamon Baños López 
Hola buenas noches con la VPN que contraté AVG segure VPN se puede instalar en un smart TV? Gracias 
Davidjohn .marshallDavidjohn .marshall 
have paid for ultimate on 3 different coputers and ony able to downlad on one
Davidjohn .marshallDavidjohn .marshall 
have paid for ultimate on 3 different coputers and ony able to downlad on one
Amy SmithAmy Smith 
When my alarm goes off in the morning, I just get a thin notification bar at the top of my screen that says "Select to show alarm screen." But when I press this bar, nothing happens. I have to pick up the phone and push the power button to turn on the screen and then the screen displays the snooze and dismiss buttons. 

I wish it would go right to the alarm screen so I don't have to push the power button to turn on the screen. This will keep me from using Alarm Clock Xtreme because it takes me too long to turn off the alarm and my husband wakes up before I can get my alarm turned off and then he is grumpy. :( 

To snooze and dismiss alarms, I have selected "by pressing on-screen button." Under general settings I have "show alarm on lock screen" enabled. 

I am on a Samsung Galaxy S8, and I have a feeling that this may have something to do with the stupid Bixby assistant. Can you help me?
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