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Jewell CombsJewell Combs 
I have had AVG for several years.  I thought my smart phone was secure along with my PC?  Realizing that apparently isn't  so? Why?
Kurt FaasseKurt Faasse 
Greetings, I installed AVG pro in my Android phone, and ever since then, the AVG icon has had a brown dot on the upper right corner. I thought perhaps it was due to not having VPN installed, but upgrading that did not remove the dot. Everything is up to date but the dot is still there. My Windows version has no dot. What does it mean? Thanks for your time.
James BrownJames Brown 
how do I add another computer to my account
James BrownJames Brown 
how do I add another computer to my account?
Debra EccliDebra Eccli 
I downloaded the Google free antivirus for an Android phone.  I see that I am charged $12.71 on 3-21-21.  It doesn't look like I activated it and I'm not sure how you got my payment info.  Please refund my money.  I just uninstalled the antivirus. 
Per OestergaardPer Oestergaard 
I have bought an AGV Ultimate - Upgrading - Order no. (removed) the 10/12 2020.
My wife has got a new mobile (Android) and I want to install AVG on her phone. Have bought AVG Internet Security (Multi Device) - Order no. (removed). (11/11 2019).
When I try to download to the mobile, I only have the opportunity to instal tha basic version? But I have bought AVG Antivirus PRO version.
Please help me instal the right version on my wife's mobile.
Per Oestergaard - Denmark
Margaret HamiltonMargaret Hamilton 
I have a multi device subscription but when I try to download only the free version  appears to download. Please advise
John ThuringJohn Thuring 
I don't seem to make AVG services to work om My newly bought Nvidia Shield Tv Pro... Why isn't that working?
Harry JonesHarry Jones 
AVG antivirus was inadvertently uninstalled from my phone.  When  I try to reinstall it I get a page with lots of info but no download link.
Aida CAida C 
Hi! I have AVG AntiVirus and AVG Cleaner apps installed on my Android phone. Recently, i uninstalled an app and a box popped up with something like "Instagram app uninstalled, clean the remaining files". After that, my photos disappeared. I didn't know it would delete my photos, but only the photos, the videos are still there.
How can I get them back? 
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