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Estanislao BoschEstanislao Bosch 
I see that instructions say to use the drawer menu on the top but my app in android doesn't show this. What can I do?
Jade RJade R 
Why am I unable to scan QR codes or click to open a website on an Android phone?
My task master shows (1) bgsvc.exe and (3) bgui.exe running. Why (3) copies of bgui ?
Katelyn DoddsKatelyn Dodds 
Went on phone this morning and somehow all my photos except 3 have disappeared, can avg cleaner delete photos? Or has my phone been hacked, phone has been acting wierd over last couple of days.
Theyre sentimental photos and really want then back, have googled how to get back and it says go to backup place but I didn't have them backed up to a Google account, how can I get them back? So upset. 
Judd IvinesJudd Ivines 
AVG App Lock has locked me out of my Android phone's email and phone settings. When I try to reset it, none of my PIN Numbers or Pattern Locks I've historically used seem to work.

I attempted to follow the AVG unlock instructions found here, but when it asked me to sign in, my AVG account password was rejected. Note that it was rejected through the AVG app on my phone. I can login to my AVG account on my desktop using the same password just fine. I don't understand why this is happening. I don't even recall setting up App Lock, much less setting a PIN or Pattern Lock for it.

When I clicked the "GET MORE HELP" button at the bottom of the above article and submitted a report (which very much resembled this post), I was greeted by a "We're currently working on our Support Tools; We'll Be Back Soon" (paraphrasing from memory).

So in light of the nonexistent AVG Support, I am now turning to the AVG community forum for help. I would appreciate any assistance you can offer in either disabling App Lock on my phone, or in resetting the PIN/Pattern for App Lock.
Elizabeth GautierElizabeth Gautier 
As far as I know I have a subscription for protection on 10 devices.  I may have bought a subscription I already have to put on my new phone.
How do I get all current subscriptions on android Samsung Galaxy without duplicating what I already have as a subscription?
Liz G
I shared my subscription with my son for his iPhone and he accidentally entered the wrong email to validate the subscription. How do I remove the incorrect email?

Thank you

John BalfourJohn Balfour 
Best way to stop ads
Joseph LewinJoseph Lewin 
How do I add my tablet to th security 
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